Beyond Cupcakes

April 4, 2018

There was a time when all birthday parties were planned the same way. Parents and kids thought of a theme, then they purchased decorations and food accordingly. They would either order the cake or cupcakes from their favorite bakery or attempt to create one in their own kitchen. While most birthdays still involve a cake or cupcakes as the dessert, many people are venturing off the beaten path and into the uncharted territory of "beyond cupcakes." Some people have just stuck to cake or cupcakes because they don't want to deal with the hassle of creatively thinking of something different or think it would require too much extra time. That is not the case. We are here to give you some ideas that are anywhere from simple to more elaborate!

Just looking to spice things up a little? Try a cookie cake!  Places like Great American Cookies, Cookies By Design, or even your local grocery store offer a theme, saying, or picture for any birthday on a very large chocolate chip cookie. The cookies come in all shapes and sizes just like normal cakes, and can be adorned with any color icing, and m&ms. If you have a chocolate chip cookie fan, but maybe are looking for something easy to pass out there are also cookie cups (basically a chocolate chip cupcake with icing). If you always make your child's birthday cake, there are plenty of help out there to help you create your own.

Some children aren't really into any kind of cakes and are more into cake's best friend: ice cream. Naturally there are ice cream cakes that are sold at almost all ice cream shops and grocery stores, but there are ways to even incorporate a theme. Even if you aren't planning a bug or garden party, the Pioneer Woman shows step-by-step how to make Springy Flower Pot Desserts. These fun ice cream-filled flower pots are something most children can help make for their party.  

Want to go for the wow factor? Are you more of an experienced baker or can easily be inspired to produce an excellent spin off of cake? Then cake pops are for you! On Bakerella's website, there is a cake pop for almost any theme. A cake pop is cake and frosting molded into a small ball on top of a lollipop stick that is dipped into melted candy coating. They can be decorated as a Cookie Monster head, or a reindeer, a super hero, or you get the idea... anything! Plus, pops don't just have to be cake; pie pops can be made, or you can stay away from pops and make cake balls.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to thinking outside of the "cake and cupcake" box. Depending on your theme, and whether you want to roll up your sleeves in the kitchen, there is something for every birthday party.  

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    THis is a very interesting topic for sure

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    What about, fun but healthy options? I don't understand why we insist on pumping our kids full of sugar only to have them crash a little later and feel miserable. To me this doesn't make a special occation fun for anyone in the long run. Now, let's be really creative! Fruit parfaits without the added sugar and cream. I'd love to hear more ideas and recipes from health conscious parents on this site.

    over a year ago


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