Parents as Party Planners

Eliza Clark
March 3, 2014

Becoming a parent means taking on many different roles, and one of these, perforce, is that of party planner. It can't be helped: these children of ours insist on growing up, and on having birthday after birthday, year after year.

Some parents, of course, relish party planning. Parenting blogs and Pinterest can be counted on for stunning photo spreads of cakes, decorations and favors that make us wonder, how did they do it?  And then there are those parents who every year secretly dread the beautiful, unforgettable anniversary of their child's birth because it necessitates planning a birthday party.

For those of you in the former camp, we hope you'll share your secrets to preschooler party success. And for the latter group, we're offering you a Savvy crash course in birthday party planning.  Also included: a few pep talks to boost your birthday party planning morale.

That's right: for the rest of this week, we are all about birthdays. Cakes and cupcakes, favors, themes, age-appropriate celebrations—we have it covered!    

But as important as recipes and logistics is perspective. Our preschoolers love and enjoy their birthday celebrations more than anything, and so should we! Yes, it takes work to plan and realize a party. But this is joyous work, and work we can share with our kids, partners, family and friends.  

And let's remember this: whatever your grand birthday plans, the presence of preschoolers at a party ensures that nothing will go quite as planned!  How liberating. So here's to happy birthdays!

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