Call Me! Keeping in Touch Through the Summer Months

Nancy Syzdek
May 28, 2010

"Mommy? Is it Wednesday yet?" my six-year old daughter asks me from the back seat this afternoon.

"Tomorrow is Wednesday," I explain. "But graduation isn't until next Wednesday. You've got a week to go."

Her excitement is palpable. I know she can't wait for her graduation ceremony. She dreams of her white gown over a new dress and cap stapled with bobby pins to her little blond head are floating between her ears. 

She's excited for her summer vacation, too. Having just about wrung all she can out of the kindergarten experience, she's eager to take on new things for the next few months. 

Faced with a myriad of options to fill her summer days, her dad and I weighed the options of city rec camps, private day camps, sending her to the daycare center that her brother attends, sports camps, and more. We wanted to challenge her with a new learning environment and a broader diversity of friends. At the same time, she wanted to go to her school's day camp with her old friends. After nine months on that campus, I couldn't imagine spending the summer there and then being excited to start first grade. She wanted her friends. We wanted a change and a challenge for her.

In the end, we compromised. 

She'll be splitting her time between her school's day camp and a local YMCA program. 

But many of her friends aren't going to the school's day camp. So how will we keep in touch? Fortunately, my fellow parents share my belief that six is too young for a cell phone. Unfortunately, that means that we have the responsibility for keeping our little BFFs in touch from June through August. 

  • Tweet tweet. Fortunately, the father of one of Boo's pals follows me on Twitter. We've already had one playdate and I suspect the girls will be seeing more of each other. 
  • I'm a fan. Another mom in the class happens to be an old college friend, so we've kept in touch over Facebook. Hopefully our little dancing queens can get together for some quality princess tea parties or pool time. 
  • The phone list. Let's hope one parent steps up and pulls together a call list. This is always a prickly pickle. No one wants the hassle and some parents just don't feel comfortable broadcasting their contact information to the world.
  • Graduation ceremonies are the new networking parties. I suspect moms and dads will be passing business cards over punch and cookies on Wednesday. I'd better make sure I have a stash in my purse. 
  • The summertime party. One of my child's classmates got it right. He's having his birthday in June, and his super-organized parents managed to get the invites out before graduation. It'll be great for the kids to see each other and catch up.

So, what do you do when reach out to someone on the list, and they don't call you back? Do I really want to explain social rejection to a six-year old?

What if someone calls you and your kid doesn't like their kid? Ugh. 

What happens if the planets align and the kids get together and the other kid turns out to be a rude little troll? Even worse, what happens if it's MY kid that's the rude little troll. 

Gah. Maybe I'll just keep my name off the list and "forget" my cards at graduation next week.

Nah, I'll deal with it. I can't suppress my social butterfly.

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