Ten Things to Plan for Your Preschooler's Summer

Eliza Clark
May 3, 2018

There are summer plans that involve logistics, calendars, and childcare arrangements. And then there are the summer plans that we've been waiting for all year long, the special summer fun we want to make sure our preschoolers don't miss.

Here's our list of ten things we can't wait to plan for our preschoolers this summer:

  1. Water Play. Swimming, splashing around at the beach, sprinklers at the park, or Slip 'N Slide on the lawn-we want our kids to get wet this summer!
  2. Ice cream cones and watermelon. Eating them outside and not caring about the drips! 
  3. Picnics. Often. 
  4. Lots of time outside, lots of time in nature. 
  5. An air-conditioned movie. (We're excited to take our kids to see Incredibles 2. How about you?)
  6. Regular visits to the local library. Kids and parents need to stock up on summer reading!
  7. Growing a vegetable, and then eating it.
  8. Growing flowers, and picking them for someone special.
  9. Staying up late to see the stars, if only just once.
  10. Getting a chance to play with far-flung cousins, or friends you've missed all year.

That's a lot to plan, right there. But we're ready. Summer, here we come!    

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    This is a great list. I pushed myself to plant flower seeds with the kids. I hope they grow. I could push myself even further and do a veggie (I have such a brown thumb!).

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    An advisory for suggestion 5 - the movie Babies contains nudity (albeit natural and tasteful) - so be aware and discuss with your kids beforehand if necessary!

    over a year ago


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