The Enormous Carrot by Vladimir Vagin

Jennifer Bostwick
May 5, 2010

Sometimes even the littlest among us can makes the biggest difference, and teamwork is most certainly the best way to accomplish anything that seems insurmountable. In The Enormous Carrot, Vladimir Vagin depicts these themes with rich language, a variety of characters and repetition that will surely have your preschooler reciting "But the carrot stayed put. It wouldn't come out." As the story comes to life, your little one will most certainly be able to absorb the importance of teamwork and understand that even he can contribute in important ways. When Daisy and Floyd plant a carefully planned garden, they are shocked to discover an enormous carrot growing in the middle of their yard. In fact, the carrot is so large that they cannot pull it out alone and elicit help from friends of all shapes and sizes. Mabel, the cow, stops by with her milk cart, Henry the mountain goat with his climbing gear, and Claire the cat on her tractor. All of these colorful and interesting characters try with all their might to help Daisy and Floyd. Together "they grunted and they groaned," "they heaved and they ho'd," "they hollered and they hauled." However, each individual does not contribute enough to pull the carrot out of the ground.  As a last ditch effort, the menagerie allows little Lester mouse to join in the effort, even after he is told he is too small. When Lester joins the crew of animals, together they are finally able to pull out the carrot. The animals celebrate their accomplishment with an enormous carrot feast. Enjoy The Enormous Carrot with your preschooler, emphasize the importance of teamwork and stress why Lester is integral to pulling out the carrot. After you enjoy the book, be sure to plant some carrot seeds with your little one to see what surprises grow in your garden.

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    This is a re-telling of a famous Russian folk tale "Turnip". I guess you can't really call it plagiarism, but it comes rather close to that.

    over a year ago


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