The Best Things About a Big Kid's Bedroom

Eliza Clark
April 20, 2010

There are many exciting milestones during the preschool years, and not least among them is moving from a crib to a 'big kid' bed. In and of itself, this is a big step. But it also heralds a much bigger transformation.

For as goes the crib, so too will go the changing table, and eventually (alas!) the glider or rocking chair.  (The latter, we find, is the hardest to let go of -- think of all those nights rocking the baby to sleep!)  And now that all of the baby furniture is gone, it appears that we are left with a certified, bona fide Big Kid's Room.


But before we all start sobbing into our coffees, let's think positive. There are a lot of fantastic things about a big kid's room. Especially from the perspective of the Big Kid herself. Let's name a few, just to make ourselves feel better.

  1. Picking out big kid bed sheets and covers with your child. (And if you can't stand Spiderman, steer him to stripes. Green stripes, blue stripes, any stripes he likes!)
  2. Having space (hopefully) for a small desk so that some art projects can move from the kitchen table to the bedroom. Phew.
  3. Cubbies or shelves allowing easy access to toys for independent play, and also easy, independent clean up! (Along the with the perks come a few responsibilities...)
  4. The chance to sort through and give away the "baby toys." De-cluttering always makes us smile.
  5. If siblings are sharing a room, creating separate, private cubbies and desks to store each kid's special belongings. Less squabbling is a wonderful thing.
  6. A cozy nook for independent reading.
  7. Hanging up your child's favorite artwork on her very own walls. This makes big kids so proud!

As you can see, refurnishing and decorating your big kid's room is a joint project. It's also a lot of fun. By the end of the process, your child will truly think of the space as "my room." As long as she doesn't hang up a "Do Not Enter" sign just yet, everyone will be happy.

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