SavvyPicks: Seriously Cool Science Activities

Amy Rees
April 30, 2008

When we think about it, one of the things that we love best about the lifelong project of trying to be kinder to our world is that it brings together opposites, while making sense of both of them.  (Maybe it's too much time with our preschoolers' opposites books and puzzles and questions, but we love this stuff.)

The big/little idea. 

The fact that the same little person who is the cause of all the stuff (!) we accumulate is the reason that we wish to live more simply, more gently.

The fact that the more your little ones understand about the facts and whys of science, the more they'll see the magic in the way the world works.

Yep, facts and magic.  Things you know and things you feel.  And it all makes you say "wow."  Sounds a bit like being a parent, huh?

So, here are some SavvyPicks activities to get to the facts and the whys -- and more importantly, the magic!  Enjoy!

The Water Cycle

Peeling a Raw Egg (Can You Really Do That?!)

Animal Name Game 

And, because you've been so good, as an extra treat:

Make Your Own Cloud
Kids love looking for shapes and animals in the clouds. Here's a fun way to bring the weather indoors: Cut off the top third of a 2-liter plastic bottle (leave cap on). Turn the top of the bottle upside down, and put 1 cup of ice inside. Then, fill the bottom of the bottle with 1 cup of hot water. Quickly, put the top part of the bottle (cap side down) into the bottom part. Watch your cloud form as vapors from the hot water below rise, then cool when they meet the ice-filled top. Eventually, droplets will form, just like rain from a real cloud. Cool!



From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    That's fantastic! I will try the egg peeling science experiment tomorrow. I will also show them what a glass of coke does to a dirty coin...

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    Can't wait for my daughter to get home from preschool to make a cloud. Such a fun, easy way to teach her how rain works. Thanks for the great suggestion.

    over a year ago


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