Putting It All Together: Map Puzzles

Amy Rees
March 19, 2010

Learning geography is about putting it all together -- the continents and oceans, countries and capitals, rivers and mountains. And puzzles, of course, are all about putting things together. They are ideally suited to helping little ones really get what goes where, and epitomize the kind of active, hands-on learning that really engages preschoolers.  In short, we love puzzles. And especially map puzzles!

World Map Floor Puzzle

Puzzles, like blocks, are one of the toys that experts in child development all can agree are highly beneficial. As the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) website tells us, "puzzles help children build the skills they need to read, write, solve problems, and coordinate their thoughts and actions" as well as develop their mathematical and spatial thinking. Who knew? But what parents everywhere do know is the sheer glee and satisfaction that light up a child's face when he figures out how to put a jigsaw piece in the right place. These beautifully made map puzzles from Crocodile Creek will afford your little ones many such moments of joy in their puzzle-making abilities. And as they align the jigsaw shapes, they will be putting together some basic geographic concepts at the same time. What fun it will be to hear them say, Where's Mexico? Or, pass me Paris!  (They also have one for the U.S.A.)

Great States Junior Map

Based on the best-selling game, Great States, this junior version provides the same fun and hurry-up action while introducing young players to the map of 50 states. Kids will have a blast searching the game board to find where thingsare as they travel along the red, white and blue game path. Even pre-readers can play by matching the objects on the cards to the pictures on the board.

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