Love by Mail

Eliza Clark
February 12, 2018

Raise your hand if your preschooler gets more mail than you do (meaning personal mail, of course, not bills and catalogs and credit card offers). We thought so. Between party invitations, birthday and holiday cards, and postcards from doting relatives, there's no question that the little ones win in the fun mail department.

No wonder they feel such fondness for the mail carrier! No wonder the arrival of the mail is one of the most exciting moments of the day: "Is there anything for meeee?!"

Now that Valentine's Day is rolling around once more, it's time for preschoolers to send a bit of love back to all of their special friends. A little love from a preschooler can go a long way, and a little missive of love from a preschooler? Well, it's a pretty sure fire way to brighten someone's day.

So if you haven't already, now is the time to stock up on red and pink construction paper, glitter and glue. For the next week or so, you can keep these creative engines otherwise known as small children busy cutting, drawing, pasting, painting, and writing their names on the most adorable love notes anyone could ever hope to receive. (For inspiration, see our Savvy Valentine's activities.)

As you work together, there's so much to talk about. How happy your child's friends and family will be to get their valentines; and how far the little envelopes must travel in order to reach them. Take out a map (or better yet a family map) and see just how long (or short) the distance is to grandpa's house. How will the valentine get there?

Good question. To find out, your preschooler could ask her friend the mail carrier. Or, on a trip to the post office to pick out special Valentine's Day stamps, someone there should be able to enlighten. And for the best explanation of all, don't miss reading a book we adore all year round, The Seven Little Postmen by Margaret Wise Brown.

When all of the cards have been decorated and lettered to everybody's hearts content, seal them tight in their envelopes and make a small ceremony of dropping them in the mailbox, and sending them on their way. And while you're at it, save one for your trusty mail carrier, for as the little boy in Margaret Wise Brown's book wisely remarks, "the postman is my friend." So he is!

Then your preschooler can spend the next few days asking you "Is it Valentine's Day yet? Is there any mail for meeee?!" 

We are quite sure there will be.

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