Kudos to Kid's Busy Box

Eliza Clark
November 22, 2009

Just in time for holiday season, we are so pleased to have discovered Kid's Busy Box.  Here it is at last, the solution to two of our most vexing parental problems:

1.  How to be a crafty parent (without, in fact, being crafty in the slightest)
2.  What to give to as presents to all of our preschool and young elementary-age friends and cousins for their myriad birthday and holiday celebrations

That's a lot of birds with one supremely Savvy stone.  

This clever idea was cooked up (as so many are) by a bunch of moms with young children.  They were looking for fun, educational and easy craft projects to do with their little ones -- a surprisingly difficult thing to find.  Sure, there are wonderful craft stores overflowing with materials, but who needs gigantic bags of feathers and googly eyes when you just want to make one turkey?  It is lovely to have supplies on hand, but too often they just take up space, make a mess, and worse, go to waste.  A serious disincentive to craftiness.

Enter Kid's Busy Box.  Each compact cardboard box is filled with fifteen separate craft projects, each in its own tidy bag complete with clear instructions and the requisite materials, no more, no less.  (You do need to use your own glue, scissors and crayons, but can order those materials from the company too.)  In short: minimal mess, and minimal chance for messing up.

This package makes for a delightful store of special activities for rainy afternoons, sick days, vacations or other unoccupied moments.  Best of all, it means time together, rather thank time searching for the right craft supplies and directions.

Kid's Busy Box offers several different kits, including one for each season.  (The Fall Collection that I've been enjoying with my daughter includes a "Tissue Paper Jack-O-Lantern," a "T is for Turkey" feather collage and a "Leaf Rubbing" among other fun projects.)  And what better Christmas present than the Winter Collection?  The company has also put together a couple of thematic boxes including the Princess-Fairy Collection and the Transportation Collection, with more new collections to come.  So when your little one has plowed through the first box, another one full of new surprises awaits.

Kudos to clever, entrepreneurial moms everywhere!  Kudos to Kid's Busy Box!

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