Come and Play: 40 Years of Sesame Street

Ashley O'Neill
November 13, 2009


Taking a tour through You Tube can be a bit like stepping back in time. With a bit of patience and just-the-right keywords, we can find almost anything from our childhood.  What a joy to be able to pass these experiences along to our children directly instead of trying to recreate that moment of pure childhood wonder through words alone.

This video is one of those moments for us, and what better time to celebrate it than on the 40th birthday of Sesame Street. Your child will be thrilled by the stop-motion animation magic, and you will get a frisson of joy from reliving the memory.  For us, this film short represents the deftly managed combination of entertainment and education that we have come to expect from Sesame Street.  

And you never know... the next time you're in Starbucks and Carmen comes on the sound system, your child just might turn to you and say, "Hey! That's the opera orange song!" You'll know that he's learned a little bit from a piece of fruit, a few found objects, and the brilliant minds behind the scenes.  And that has been the point all along. Happy birthday, Sesame Street. 

Cover photo courtesy of Sesame Street/Richard Termine

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