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Eliza Clark
November 3, 2009

One of the important things a preschool-age child can learn from reading book series is the concept of authorship.

Authorship is an idea so basic that we adults often forget that it needs to be taught. Experts in early literacy, however, are quick to remind us that it does, and to explain how and why.

The notion of authorship is important because the possibility of writing stories themselves is a great motivator for children who are on their way to learning letters and spelling.

The way to teach the idea of authorship is, very simply, to make a habit of telling children the name of the author before beginning to read a book aloud. This sounds easy, but how often do we actually do it? If repeated often enough, however, certain names will start to sound familiar to your kids, and they can start to make connections between different books written or illustrated by the same person. Before you know it, they’ll have their own favorite authors!

In part to teach about authorship, but mostly because we just love and can’t live without their books, there are a few children’s authors whose works we collect on our shelves and read over and over to our little ones. Their books are not necessarily part of any particular series, but they certainly do each have a very distinctive style and voice.

We have sung their praises before, and will almost certainly do so again, but there can never be too many encores for:

Who are your collectable children’s book authors?

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