Ten Crucial Things We've Learned From Other Parents

Eliza Clark
October 17, 2009

Our parent friends have taught us so much!  Bless them, for we could not do this job without them.

Our mom and dad friends have given us the scoop on:

1. The best nearby ballet class (it fulfilled our little ballerina’s dreams!)
2. An open spot at a great preschool
3. A great, free playground/clubhouse/music class
4. A beautiful nearby beach, perfect for family picnics
5. Great restaurants for kids that also have great food and setting

They have also taught us that:

6. Conversational nonsense is a great way to teach words and make kids belly laugh.
7. If you must watch sports on TV (and sometimes you must), explain the game, scoring and plays to the kids as you watch -- they will learn a lot!
8. When it comes time for potty training, have your trainee use special absorbent underpants (who knew?).
9. Taking the kids out for brunch on the weekend to let your partner sleep will win you big points.

And most importantly:

10. If you need help or to vent, just call!

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    Or in our house #8 - Daddy potty trained our 3 year old son the WEEK mommy was away at a work conference! Amazing! (And I never asked "how" he did it!)

    over a year ago


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