Building Beautiful Structures with Boxes

September 23, 2009

A cardboard box is just that at least until you become a parent and being brainstorming about all the wonderful structures it can become. In its most primitive state, push in the flaps of the top of the box and it can be turned on its side to become a perfect cave that can be filled with blankets for a space of one's own. Or take out a box cutter and create a recycled playhouse by cutting an opening for a door big enough to crawl through and some sideways H shapes for windows that can be opened and closed for hours.

For the more imaginative, or those with an abundance of cardboard, a box is just the beginning of a whole world of possibilities. Perhaps your princess needs a cardboard carriage to take home to her cardboard castle where she can sit in her cardboard throne. Or maybe you have a firefighter who dreams of fighting fires among a cardboard skyscraper city in a cardboard fire engine.

Mr. McGroovy's Box Rivets is a great site for those who dream of creating cardboard structures. Mr. McGroovy's building projects are for do-it-yourselfers with a passion for creating fabulous and strong cardboard structures that are designed to be played with and in. This site provides an extensive how-to section that contains plans that you can preview to build your own cardboard castle, skyscrapers, barn, fairytale storybook cottage playhouse, pyramid, lemonade stand, stable, and even a Nativity Manger stable set. You can also preview plans for vehicles like fire engines, spaceships, princess carriages, trains, and a Santa sleigh! The site also offers tips on getting free cardboard boxes and tips on painting your finished product along with the ability to order kits containing the plans, rivets, rivet remover, and utility knife so you can start building your cardboard city right in your living room.

Happy building!

From the Parents

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