Build Me A Castle

Kim Tracy Prince
September 17, 2009

At a certain age, a little boy's affinity for construction toys joins with his nascent pretending skills and the result is some pretty entertaining play -- for both parents and kids alike.  The little tots would be fine in the backyard with some cardboard boxes, but providing him with "tools" to "make" something?  He just might build you a castle.  There are more than a dozen play workbenches on the market -- our children have the My First Craftsman Work Bench, which overwhelmed this busy mother at first with its 68 pieces.  Eventually, however, the workbench found a home in the corner and it has become easy enough to throw all the pieces in the lower shelf: plastic toy bolts, screws, screwdrivers, washers, and motorized drills and even a plastic piece of wood with a cut in it for the fake plastic saw.  The set comes with an adorable set of safety goggles, and the kids love wearing them while they describe what they are building in imaginative detail.  That is, when they're not fighting over them.  What I love about the construction toys is that when we have playdates, who do you find playing with them?  The girls.  For role-playing construction fun, check out this playset from The Land of Nod, featuring wooden pieces and non-toxic paint.

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