Building Things

Eliza Clark
September 14, 2009

If your kids have been outside all summer, getting into sports or swimming or just running around in the sun, their well-worn indoor toys may suddenly look like new. Among our Savvy kids’ favorite fall rediscoveries are building toys. They neglected their blocks, LEGOs, and Lincoln Logs for months, but now are falling in love all over again!

And we couldn’t be happier about it. In the hands of small children, building materials of all sorts are magic. They are emblematic, we often think, of that amazing alchemy of play, imagination and intense learning that goes in the minds of preschoolers. Blocks need no instructions and hardly an introduction to fire up the creativity and nascent engineering skills of our little ones.

For just like their adult counterparts, small kids love to build, destroy, and then build anew. They are figuring out lots of things as they go along – measurement, estimation, angles and balance, not to mention the relationship between what they’ve envisioned and what they’ve made.

So pull those blocks out of the closet or whatever other construction materials you’ve got handy, and join us as we explore all of the building toys and ideas and activities our kids adore.

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