Party Invitations: Smiles in the Mailbox

Jill Notkin
September 10, 2009

It's a digital world. One might even refer to our current state as "World 2.0." And with all the online hoopla, we've surrendered just about everything to technology.

But some things are best left untouched. Sometimes a desk calendar is more effective than a hand-held device and often a pen gets the job done even better than a keyboard. A little "old-fashioned" tradition is sometimes just the answer, and when it comes to children's invitations, there's no doubt that paper is better.

Sites like Evite, mypunchbowl, and are all wonderful tools for planning guest lists and sending invitations. But when a child receives an envelope in the mail specifically addressed to him or her, there's an excitement that is irreplaceable (even by an email addressed to said child). The look on their little face when they (finally) tear it open to reveal one of their favorite characters or an appealing design inviting them to a birthday party (Cake!  Games! Juice!) is priceless. The act of together finding a spot for the invitation on the family bulletin board or the fridge (or wherever your family hangs such things) is an activity is itself, and the visible invite is sure to result in many questions and much anticipation about the upcoming event.

In that vein, this Savvy family sticks by the ritual of choosing and sending paper invitations. We start by deciding on the party's theme. Since too many choices can be overwhelming to a young child, give them three or four options which include his favorite animals, characters or designs. Once he decides, your theme can dictate your choice for invitations.

Even for a child's birthday party, an invitation is important because it gives your guests their first taste of the party. The care you take in selecting your invites says a lot about how much care will go into your party. If you chose to purchase fill-in invitations, be sure the information is filled out in neat writing, and address them neatly as well. Stores with good assortments include iparty, Party City, and even Target. 

Other fantastic invitation options include:

  • Perfectly printed invitations at birthday party website, saves you the trouble of hand-writing 30 (or more) invitations. They offer 160+ themes to choose from so your only time spent will be on choosing the right design! They cost approximately $.99 per invitation.
  • For more sophisticated designs, mom-owned Posh Peacock offers custom designs (include your child's picture!) or semi-custom jobs. You and your child can choose from their beautiful motifs and even select font and envelope options. The starting rate for a package of 20 semi-custom invitations is $65.
  • Step outside the box with edible invites by Wicked Good Cookies. Treat your guests to a tasty (and informative!) cookie invitation that they won't soon forget. They can include a picture, your choice of color scheme and whatever print you choose - can't get this in a boring old email!!

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    Thanks for including us in your article! You have some great ideas here. We also have banners, buttons and other personalized products to compliment the invitations and overall theme of the party.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    Thanks for the mention! We will be posting popular designs and samples on our website soon:) Most often, we duplicate the paper invites so the recipient gets the best of both worlds. One to eat, and one to pin up on the fridge:)

    over a year ago


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