Paper Playtime: From Stickers to Paper Dolls

Eliza Clark
September 3, 2009

Little children are famous for their castles in the air. And for their sand castles and block castles too. The can construct anything out of almost nothing at all, with their imagination filling in the gaps between.

Actually, making that imaginative connection seems to constitute the main part of the fun. Perhaps that is why a kid might be obsessive about tidying a dollhouse, but refuse to pick up her own room, or adore racing matchbox cars but be terrified of go-carts. In the same way, children for centuries have never tired of playthings made from paper.

From stickers to paper dolls, our preschoolers can’t get enough of manipulating the two-dimensional for imaginative purposes. Parents, of course, have every reason to love these kinds of paper toys too. They take up little space, create minimal mess, and don’t cost much. Hours of absorbing fun from a few sheets of paper? Something from almost nothing, indeed!

For starters, even the littlest kids we know (the ones we still call babies when they let us) love stickers. What is it about stickers? Just peeling them off and sticking them back on to another surface seems to hold a mysteriously deep satisfaction for young children. But why question something that works? Instead, we stock up on DK Publishing’s unbeatable and undeniably educational line of Sticker Books and stash them away for rainy days, weekend trips, tricky playdates and other moments of need. We’re always glad to have a few books of Diggers & Dumpers or Aircraft stickers around. Not to mention Animals, Bugs, Butterflies, or Trees & Leaves. Peel and sticker away to your heart's content, young friends!

Older preschoolers whose little hands have grown more dexterous are ready to try paper dolls, possibly igniting a love affair more intense, for some, than with actual dolls. Those who fall hard for paper dolls may eventually enjoy making their own, but to begin there are many, many wonderful books of papers dolls available. See, for example, this list of delightful animal paper dolls, or a few of our favorites below. And allow us recommend a good old shoe box for storage!

Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls by Klutz

Flower Fairies Paper Dolls by Cicely Mary Barker

Girls from Around the World Sticker Paper Dolls (with over 300 reusable sticker costumes)

Paper Doll Set – Musician and Artist from the Thoughtful Girls series by eeBoo

Paper Dolls: Sasha & Jasmine - Naturalist & Explorer
from the Thoughtful Girls series by eeBoo

Princess Castle in a Box - A Paper Doll Playhouse
by Peaceable Kingdom Press

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