Before Summer Ends, You Must...

Eliza Clark
August 3, 2017

We are starting the countdown to the end of summer, and trying to fill each of these last glorious days of sun and blue sky with as much outdoor fun as possible. Before school and other routines completely take over our day-to-day lives again, we are asking ourselves, have we truly savored these precious summer days with our kids? Have we done enough of the things we were looking forward to - the walks, the swims, the picnics and all the other favorite rituals of our family summers? And, most importantly, did we stop to drink in and appreciate the wonderful moments we did have? As the countdown continues, we're sure you have your own list of things you want to do with your little ones before fall sets in. And just in case you're looking for a few more ideas, here's ours:


Water Squirter Tag

Beyond Twinkle, Twinkle

Make a Bug Catcher Jar

Sound Hike

Shell Painting

Around-Town Scavenger Hunt

From the Parents

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