Finding Inspiration in the Craft Drawer

Eliza Clark
August 3, 2017

Faced with a rainy afternoon or a stretch of weekend unfilled by any planned activities, we often feel compelled to dash out to the store to pick up yet another craft kit or coloring book to amuse and occupy the little ones. But the truth is, with just a tiny bit of thought, it’s wholly possible to devise lots of fresh and easy artistic activities for your preschoolers with whatever you already have around the house. Poke your head into your art drawer, recycling container, sewing bin, and other odd corners of the house, and we’re pretty sure you will find the makings of a great kids’ project. As long as you are minimally stocked with assorted crayon nubs, pencils, paints and paper, there’s no end to the possibilities. So put away your wallet and keys, and take a look at these brilliantly simple, make-do ideas for creative fun.

Making Play Binoculars

Face Collage

Crayon Resist Paintings

Mirror Image Drawings

Cardboard Box Creations

Creating Snacklaces

Drawing Music

Pantry Painting

Sponge Painting

Vegetable Painting

Homemade Crayons

From the Parents

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