Simplify Playtime with Activities That Are Fun for All

Eliza Clark
August 25, 2009

What do you do when your tot, your preschooler and your "big kid" are all at home and driving each other crazy? What do you do when the cousins show up and start chasing each other around the house? What do you do when your favorite neighbor drops her brood off for a couple of hours to go run an errand? Time to panic or grab the nearest video? Possibly. But it could also be time to think about what kinds of activities can happily bring together children of different ages and abilities. Play amongst children of widely different skills and inclinations can be fraught (the eighteen-month-old knocking over the four-year-old's block towers is predictably rage-inspiring) but also rich with learning and fun on both sides. To bring out the joy of these playtimes, allow us suggest a few simple activities that big kids, little kids and babies all adore.

Homemade play-dough

Finger Painting with Pudding

Fingerprint Art

Body Paint

Sidewalk Painting

Chalk the Walk

Homemade Bubbles

Animal Freeze Dance

Follow the Clapping Leader

Backyard Boogie



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