Put Kid to Sleep, Open Book, Start Laughing: Amusing Reads for Parents

Julie Pippert
August 14, 2009

So many of us love blogs about parenting, and the humorous ones are often just the perspective and pick-me-up we need. Some of those bloggers we like so well went on to write books, many of which are a fantastic mix of emotions, with a healthy dose of humor. These are some of the most recommended parenting blogger books on the market -- things most parents would enjoy reading.

1. Sleep is For the Weak

This compilation by some of my favorite moms who blog is so real-life with honest and funny stories. You'll laugh, cry and see pieces of your own life in these well-done essays.

2. Mommy Guilt

I adore Devra Renner and Aviva Pflock. I think they offer some of the best perspectives for parents to keep in mind while raising kids -- not just perspective on their own lives, but when considering other parents around them, too. Everything they write is gold. This book, also co-written by Julie Bort, is witty, humorous, practical, and an enjoyable read. I consider this a must-read for parents.

3. Mommy Doesn't Drink Here Anymore

Just released this August by popular blogger Rachael Brownell, this tale of getting sober and the first year of sobriety uses dry humor and wit, as well as honesty, to share a major life transition. It's an easy read, compelling page-turner. Also, relatively short so good for busy parents.

4. Rockabye: From Wild to Child

Popular Girls Gone Child blogger Rebecca Woolf's book blends clever humor with all the other emotional blends a young, single woman in the heyday of her salad days must process when she unexpectedly found herself pregnant. She married, had the baby and went on to find her own way into parenting. It's a unique and alternative perspective on parenting. Also, an enjoyable read.

5. Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay: And Other Things I Had to Learn as a New Mom

Short essays (easy for parents to read and get to a stopping point) filled with the humor you'd expect from a comedian and television writer, Stefanie Wilder-Taylor's book includes all those transitions we all deal with when we become parents. It's validating and supportive of all those feelings most parents try to hide, and offers down-to-earth advice.

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