Playing After Dark: Family Activities for the Summer Evenings

Zar Atiqzoy
May 31, 2011

Spending time outdoors in the summer cultivates a whole new set of adventures that we just don't get from our other seasons; those are preoccupied by the school calendar, alarm clocks, and busy schedules. From family vacations to camp outs, summer is when fireflies get captured, watermelons get eaten, lawns get trampled on with bare feet, and tree houses get built -- even imaginary ones.

The summer presents us with additional hours to enjoy without the worry of alarms sounding off in the morning, and experience the outdoors under a different kind of light... moon light.

Nature takes on a whole new face in the evening. Here are some activities that will evoke creativity of your own this summer: 

  1. Dine al fresco: Take your home cooking, preferably the finger food kinds, outdoors to feast under the stars. And because city lights let us see only a handful of stars each night, string twinkle lights overhead or invest in paper lanterns the children can help you hang.
  2. Hang a sheet over the fence and unbury that projector you've been stashing in the attic for a family movie night.
  3. Take an after dark stroll through your neighborhood with flash lights in hand. Ask the kids to draw or mimick the sounds of owls and "small" creatures that are awake at night.
  4. Pitch a tent in the front/back yard and spend the night - or at least a few hours. The sounds, darkness, and peacefulness of this time of day will give the kids a great backdrop for telling ghost stories.
  5. Several local museums and retail plazas offer free outdoor family activities after dark such as outdoor film screenings and live musical entertainment. Check your city's event listings for dates and times. 

How do you play outdoors during your summer nights? Let us know!

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