Vintage Finds: This is Texas

Burgin Streetman
June 28, 2018

People who appreciate design and illustration love M. Sasek's travel picture books for children from the 60s, and I love This Is Texas (published in 1967 by Macmillian), in particular, because it is all about my current state of mind and residence. Even if you aren't a fan of the land of the Lone Star, it is just one in a series that includes amazing locations like London, Paris, Australia, Munich and more. Some have been reissued by Universe (like This Is Texas in 2003), but with the others, you'll have to track down a highly collectible vintage copy. Check out the illustrator's site for a complete list of all 18 books in the This Is series.

That said, my son loves this too tall tome because it is funny, the drawings are awesome, and it includes lots of cool tidbits on San Antonio (his home town!) and the rest of this amazing state.

Texans wear the world's most uncomfortable boots and are known to be the world's worst walkers. But who cares? In Wichita Falls everybody drives a Cadillac.

Funny stuff, right?

Texas has the roomiest mobile houses -- the hairiest goats -- the best-shaved hogs -- the juiciest steaks -- the humpiest bulls -- the most statuesque cows -- the wildest wild turkeys.

Make no mistake though, the series acts as a real, true set of travelogues and guidebooks for tots -- each book covering the major attractions and cultural history of the title city, country or state. A great gift for a kid about to go on a big adventure, or in our case, to help my son appreciate the magic in his own backyard.

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