Our Favorite (Gentle) DVDs

Angie McDonald
June 6, 2009

We have an odd phenomena going on in our house: my kids don't like movies.

Oh, they like TV, mind you. They can veg out in front of Sesame Street with the best of them. But they only like "shows." The actual movies, even Finding Nemo, Cars and Curious George, are too much for them.  With many kids' films featuring at least one scary scene + my two sensitive Littles, we're not big movie buffs around here.

But we do like our PBS Kids and our programming that has a gentle touch, rather than bashing us over the head with conflict.

Here are our all time favorite (gentle) kids DVDs:

1. Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Wubbzy's Big Movie! (Ages 3 - 7). This is a conglomeration of television episodes, but at a running time of 77 minutes (not that you have to watch it all at once), is great for a longish car ride or soothing afternoon downtime. 

2. Blue's Big Musical Movie (Ages 2 - 6). With many songs sung by Ray Charles, this full-length Blues adventure is pleasant for grown ups as well as preschoolers. 

3. Noodle Bug (Ages 1 - 5) This trilogy of videos put out by the group that publishes Cricket and LadyBug magazines is the sweetest blend of songs and stories. 

4. The Wiggles: Wiggly Safari (Ages 2 - 6). Features Steve Irwin introducing the Australian quartet to creatures from Down Under. 

5. My Friends Tigger, Pooh and a Musical Too (Ages 3 - 5). What could be gentler than a Pooh-i-fied saga? We love them all.

Check out some of our favorites -- a nice way to let your child indulge in a little screen time without potential nightmares or fears cropping up later.

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