Preschoolers Like to "Work" Too: Jobs Around the House for the Little One

May 21, 2009

Behold! One of the biggest perks of Gigi turning three is she always wants to help. It's wonderful especially when totally appropriate for her to do. At this age, Gigi is able to do a lot of supervised and unsupervised chores around the house and it makes everyone very happy. I get free maid-service, She feels good for contributing and helping out; it's a total win-win situation. Now I'd love to know what household chores you get your preschooler to help out with around the house. Here are some of Gigi's usual jobs:

Dusting. A total triple-word score. She does the book shelves and basically anything close to the ground. She's pretty good and she hums while she works. She dawdles often, but it's worth it.

Sweeping. Arm her with one dustpan and mini brush and she does a pretty good job. Again, I think it's the proximity to the ground.

Sorting laundry. Darks from lights, she knows her colours and she only occasionally tries to flop into the pile and throw the clothes around. It's hard to resist apparently.

Dishes. I can't believe it but she has been doing some the plastic and unbreakable things and recently, I've added in some silverware. She loves this job and I can get so much done in the kitchen when she's busy with her bubbles and sponge. We must take advantage of this as much as possible before she figures it out.

Picking up her toys and other things. This was her first chore when she old enough to grasp toys and probably the one she likes doing least. I sense this will be an ongoing battle for years to come.

In years to come Gigi will earn her allowance by doing her chores but until then, I'm taking advantage of her love of helping out. I'm no fool.

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From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    My 3.5 y/o twin daughters LOVE to get in the groove with me and do certain chores! They line up over & over again to be give an object & then have me give them 1 word (most of the time) such as "Ali, here's a book; your bookshelf please" or "Ari, laundry; laundry room please". They enjoy seeing how fast they can run to and fro each assigned task, although we've had more than one head-on collision between them during chore running (don't know if it's them being identical twins or what, but they seem to have magnetic heads for each It's great fun though on the whole.

    over a year ago


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