Five Ways to Pack Your Child's Lunch with Extra Love

Aimee Greeblemonkey
April 29, 2009

Both my husband and I are graphic designers-turned web developers. Which means we love to draw, paints and do things artistically. Well, really I should say that my husband just LIVES artistically and he is the real inspiration for this post.

Packing lunch for school, whether it is preschool or all day school can be tedious and cumbersome. But here are some things I have watched Bryan do to lighten the load, and make things more enjoyable for Declan along the way.

1. Draw funny cartoons on the brown bag.
Granted, this is my hubby's specialty and you might get intimidated by it - but does your little one REALLY care about the quality of the drawing? All they will see is the quick strokes you dashed off with love, think of you when they see them and have a quick giggle. My husband usually picks a new animal from the farm or the zoo to capture each day.

2. Drop a sticker inside as their "surprise."
Declan goes digging for that sticker just like we did when we opened that Cracker Jack box as kids.

3. Make the food fun.
Slice a PBJ into long strips. Crumble up a Nutrigrain bar into a baggie, add a little honey, and tell them it's monsterooze. Whatever it takes to make it fun and enjoyable will make it more likely to be eaten - AND enjoyed.

4. Leave them a note.
Maybe just a quick "I love you," or maybe a treasure map for where you have hidden one of their toys at home for after school. Either way they will be thinking of you and having fun.

5. Let them pick the menu.
Kids who help choose and much more likely to like what they are eating and feel empowered by their parents. So maybe they pick some weird stuff sometimes? As long as you are OK with the nutrional aspects, who cares???

What other fun ways do you spruce up your kids' lunches?

Aimee is the Denver City Editor for The Savvy Source. You can read more of her work every day at Being Savvy Denver

From the Parents

  • K Ashworth

    I add a page from those a page a day calander's to my eldest's lunch

    over a year ago


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