CD & Book Review: My Name Is Chicken Joe

April 24, 2009

When a day with your preschoolers starts to lag, you know just what to do -- turn on some music and do a little dance!  We're always on the look out for great family music that can lift spirits and stir feet of all ages.  Lucky for us, the madly talented and entertaining duo of Trout Fishing in America has just released a new storybook/CD set that is breathing new life into our family dance parties.

My Name Is Chicken Joe gets the little ones laughing and puzzling over the story of a cat named Chicken Joe, a dog named Miss Kitty, and an assortment of other oddly christened creatures.  Stéphane Jorisch’s whimsical illustrations are a winning match for the lighthearted folk tune and offbeat lyrics.  The hardcover book also includes lyrics to the 11 other tracks on the album, all previously released Trout Fishing in America songs.  Canadian publisher The Secret Mountain’s innovative combination of picture book and CD is ideal for preschoolers, but the inclusion of lyrics to all the songs makes it appealing for beginning and more advanced readers too.

If you are not already fans of Trout, this is the perfect introduction to their winning hybrid of folk, pop, and country for families. The songs charm kids with their up-beat tempos and goofy lyrics (including nods to kid obsessions like ice cream, gross school lunches and, yes, booger-eating).  Parents go along with the silliness (what choice do we have?) because the music is so darn good.  Enjoy!


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