You Know It's Summer When...

Amy Rees
June 11, 2012

We parents have our own memories of summer -- the hallmarks of the season unlike all others. But what will our own little ones remember?

We can't be sure, of course. And we recognize that what they retain is often a product of forces other than what their parents wish to underscore as important. So, what are they catching onto? What do they see around your house, your town, your life that screams the season? 

Give it some thought; it's a fun exercise. Here are some starting points, and now you get to tell us what we've missed:

All of a sudden, sunscreen bottles are stashed in every bag, on every shelf, in reach, all over.

Your distaste for gun play suddenly has a squirter exception, and you're the biggest culprit of them all!

You find yourself endeavoring to explain to your frustrated and perplexed preschooler how it possibly can be bedtime when it's still so bright out.

You simply cannot stop thinking about a vacation. Even if none is planned. And if one is, you are in full countdown.

Ice cream no longer qualifies as dessert -- it's a food group in this weather.

Shoes have become optional.  

You've adopted the role of a preschool teacher. You actually considered face painting the other day, and watercolors (previously relegated to preschool only or maybe -- just maybe -- a small, oilcloth-covered corner of the kitchen floor) are now out on the front steps. You are joyfully spending your days singing songs and working on letters and numbers and referreeing squabbles between siblings and friends. And counting the days until September...

When's that vacation again?

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