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What to Look for in a Kindergarten

Eliza Clark - Education Decisions

Kindergarten is a special year, and an important year. It is a child’s introduction to “real school,” as my kids call it (versus preschool), and sets the tone for the years ahead. The most important goal in the kindergarten year is for a child to le...
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The Big Picture Out of Preschool: What Does Kindergarten Readiness Really Mean?

Eliza Clark - Resolutions and Reflections » Parenting: The Big Picture

As the new year turns, parents of four and five-year-old preschoolers are looking back and looking forward and thinking: can it be that there is only half a year of preschool left? And then we're onto...kindergarten?!And each one of us is also thinking: i...
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Mei Li: A Vintage Chinese New Year Story

Burgin Streetman - Seasons and Celebrations » Take Some Time to Celebrate

According to this book's jacket, the author and etcher, Thomas Handforth, visited the Far East on a Guggenheim Fellowship and published Mei Li in 1938 based on his experiences. The Caldecott Medal-winning story follows a young girl on the eve of the Chine...
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10 Questions to Ask Other Parents About Their Preschool

Eliza Clark - 10 Questions

There are lots of wonderful preschools out there, but choosing the one that is right for your child and your family can be a tough decision. You want your child's first school experience to be as positive and enriching as possible. You hope that he'll lo...
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