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School Projects for Parents

Eliza Clark - Parenting Choices » Getting Involved at School

The new school year is underway, and the kids are pretty well into their routines, right? They've gotten used to new teachers and a new mix of classmates. School has settled into its usual rhythm, and after-school activities have begun in earnest. We p...
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Learning to Write Your Name

Eliza Clark - Learning » Brushing Up on the Basics

One of the wonderful things about summer is the way our offspring turn into little wild children with knotted, salty hair, dirt under their fingernails, and legs covered in scratches and bug bites. It's like they return to a semi-primal state every July a...
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Tips for Choosing "After-Preschool" Activities and Classes

Eliza Clark - All About Me and Mine » Fostering Self-Esteem and Independence

More and more, it seems, there are so many different kinds of activities and classes geared to the little ones. Deciding which ones to try and which to pass on sometimes gets confusing. There are all the wonderful music classes that encourage you to bring...
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For Caregivers: 20 Ways to Slow Down While the Kids Are in School

Eliza Clark - Parenting Choices » Happiness and Parenting

Life is changing, always. Never is this truer than during the month of September. For kids, it's back-to-school time, with all of the adjustments that brings. It's exciting and scary, all at the same time.But what about for parents? Especially parents ...
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