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Top Ten Things Every Creative Home Needs

Ginger Carlson - Life is Art; Art is Life » Your Little Artist at Home

A home that encourages creative thinking and expression would include:1. At least one adult (preferably more) who engages the child with thoughtful interaction and also models wondering about the world and a desire to learn.2. An understanding of the c...
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Outdoor Photography: Hand Over the Camera to the Kids

Caroline - Learning » Art

Families everywhere are taking advantage of these beautiful summer days by hitting the beach or taking a hike in a local park. Summer break promises some of the best times of year to get outdoors with your kids. And, while you're out doors, chances are...
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Tips for a Museum Visit with Your Little One

Eliza Clark - Life is Art; Art is Life » Little Art Critics

There are a lot of things that parents of preschoolers don't do as often as they probably once did: going out to the movies, to see a play or a concert, to an elegant restaurant. And that's pretty much unavoidable. (Sigh.) But visiting museums doesn't hav...
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Why Coloring (Inside and Outside the Lines) Is Important

Eliza Clark - Life is Art; Art is Life » Why Art Matters

Sometimes the most unlikely things can cause controversy.  Take coloring books.  What could possibly be more benign? They have kept countless kids occupied and happy for countless hours over many generations. What is not to love? And yet, there are...
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