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The Magic of the Movies

Amy Rees - Escapes, Real and Imagined » The Magic of the Movies

The movies. It's the definite article that distinguishes it from the everyday. The movies, even in your local multiplex, is old Hollywood. A whole different universe from the in-the-den variety of viewing. Your little one may lobby regularly to watch a mo...
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The Five Best Kinds of Family Vacations

Eliza Clark - Escapes, Real and Imagined » Learning Through Travel

Planning a vacation isn't what it used to be. When we were younger and fancy-free, we could go and do, well, whatever we fancied. These days, our vacations are no longer our own. They also belong to our kiddos, and we must plan them accordingly. Vacation ...
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Read Our Sillies Out! Our Favorite Funny Books

Susan Choi - The Delights of Reading » Books Filled with Laughs, Treats & Wonder

Isn't hearing your children laugh the most exquisite sound? There is no polite hand covering mouth to hide the face that is contorted by laughter. It is so genuine and pure. I love it. Now that my kids are getting older, it is amazing to see them understa...
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What Children Learn from Boredom

Eliza Clark - Simplicity » The Little Things

When I was little and complained of being bored, my parents and grandparents invariably took the same line: "Only boring people are bored."  It was a widespread mantra back then; for proof, see this very funny montage of Mad Men parenting techniques. A...
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