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Why We Love a Snow Day

Eliza Clark - Seasons and Celebrations » Bright Fun for Winter Days

The other day my daughter asked me, "Mama, when will we have a snow day?" As I look out our window at a blanket of white, I can tell her that today is that day.When I asked the four-year-old why she likes snow days so much, these were her reasons: 1. ...
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Twenty Manners for Five-Year-Olds

Eliza Clark - Whining, Wailing and Other Behavior Challenges » Good Manners

In the span of early childhood, turning five is a huge milestone. Five usually means the end of the preschool years and the beginning of kindergarten. Five means joining the ranks of the "big kids" (most of the time). Five means entering a wider wor...
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Presidential Coin Rubbings

Savvy Parenting Staff - Seasons and Celebrations » Take Some Time to Celebrate

This a great activity for Presidents Day, if your children have the day off or have been talking about the presidents in school. You'll need thin white printing or drawing paper; coins—at least one penny, one nickel, one dime, and one quarter, depending...
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Top Five Ways to Prepare Your Child (and Yourself) for Kindergarten

Amy Rees - Education Decisions

Looking ahead to your child starting kindergarten is the moment in parenting when you first catch a glimpse of time's boomerang headed right back at you—and fast!All those tiny steps and little moments in the long days (but short years) of baby and p...
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