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Making Your Preschool Application Stand Out

Eliza Clark - Education Decisions

Let's start by acknowledging that in many places, the very idea of a "preschool application" is a foreign concept. You find out about a couple of good preschools nearby, give a call or drop by, get your child signed up, and there you have it. Doesn't...
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I Heart Breakfast

Amy Fauss - Seasons and Celebrations » Bright Fun for Winter Days

Let's face it. Getting breakfast on the table for the kids every day before school can be challenging, to say the least. Depending on how many children you have, it's often a juggling act between feeding the baby, helping the preschooler get dressed, ...
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Decision Time for Preschool Parents

Savvy Parenting Staff - Education Decisions

Decision time, traditionally the time frame when college-bound high schoolers learn their admissions fate and then must select a college to attend, has now claimed a new group—preschool parents who are competing to get their children admitted to prescho...
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Celebrating Valentine's Day with Preschoolers

Zarlacht Atiqzoy - Seasons and Celebrations » Take Some Time to Celebrate

Prior to having children, I could have sworn that Valentines Day was a giant conspiracy contrived by florists, chocolatiers, and stationery stores. But after becoming a parent, I realized February 14th is a cherished celebration that goes beyond roses, ch...
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