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Top Seven Ways to Make Your Halloween Night a Treat

Amy Rees - Seasons and Celebrations » Halloween Fun

We've been delighting in our wanderings through autumn, and we've tried to keep a balance between nature and leaves and cooler weather fun and that absolutely delicious holiday known as Halloween. But at this point, there's no semblance of balance.We are ...
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Beware of Halloween

Betsy Brown Braun - Seasons and Celebrations » Halloween Fun

One of the joys of being a parent is getting to do the fun kid stuff all over again. Stuff like sharing Easter baskets, making valentines, and dressing up for Halloween. You can hardly wait to dress up your nine-month-old in that lion costume and parade h...
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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Ashley O'Neill - Seasons and Celebrations » Halloween Fun

It's a little over a week before Halloween, and you still don't have costumes for your kids.  Sound familiar?  (Raising my own hand, here.)  Never fear!  You can come up with a pretty great outfit for your kids by sorting through their dress-up drawer...
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Spooky Science

Ashley Young - Junior Scientists

Halloween is a time for ghosts and goblins, costumes and candy. It's also a great chance to explore the spookier side of science with your kids. Below are some spooky, creepy, gross, and smart ideas for experimenting with your kids this Halloween. An ...
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