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Ten Beloved Children’s Authors Write About Nature

Laure Latham - The Great Outdoors

Want kids to connect with nature? They need to learn to love it first and any of these books will help you to plan your next nature exploration. When nature books are so good that they get made into a feature-length movie or stick with your child's memory...
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Celebrating Earth Day with Our Children

Randi Ragan - It's Easy Being Green » A Call to Action: Eco-Friendly Parenting

Did you know Earth Day is now celebrated in over 175 countries and is the third largest celebrated holiday in many of our nation's schools? Although we can and should be celebrating the Earth every day of the year, taking the time to do it ceremoniously...
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Learning About Wind and Solar Energy

Ashley Young - It's Easy Being Green » Best Green Resources

For a kid, it isn't hard to understand that the wind and sun are powerful. After all, they have probably had to chase down a baseball cap caught in a gust of wind or felt the heat of the sun warming their skin. What might be a little hard for them to unde...
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Building Your Child's "Green" Vocabulary

Amy Rees - It's Easy Being Green » Earth Day

Our children are our teachers in so many ways, obvious as well as subtle. Their very appearance in our lives immediately certifies us as experts in all sorts of things—and rookie-league amateurs in all kinds of others! Then they go to school, where they...
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