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A Magical Halloween Hike

Laure Latham - Seasons and Celebrations » Halloween Fun

There's a reason fairytales and fantasy books are set in nature. Leafy woods, rolling hills, twisted trees, and clear waterways take on a magical dimension when the day ends and long shadows create fanciful shapes around us. With the right story to tell, ...
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Making Slime

Ashley Young - Learning » Science

Halloween is the time of year for all things spooky and slime is a great way to make skin crawl and have fun at the same time. Below is the basic recipe for making slime along with a few fun variations. Here's to a creepy, slimy Halloween!Basic Slime Reci...
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Beware of Halloween

Betsy Brown Braun - Seasons and Celebrations » Halloween Fun

One of the joys of being a parent is getting to do the fun kid stuff all over again. Stuff like sharing Easter baskets, making valentines, and dressing up for Halloween. You can hardly wait to dress up your nine-month-old in that lion costume and parade h...
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Nine Essential Things to Bring on Halloween Night

Eliza Clark - Seasons and Celebrations » Halloween Fun

So you are getting geared up to go trick-or-treating with your little one. If it's your child's first time, welcome to the fun! If you're a veteran, then we hope you'll chime in with your stories and suggestions.First things first: are you ready? What is ...
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