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Homemade Gifts to Make with Preschoolers

Eliza Clark - Celebrating Rituals » Keeping Little Hands Busy Around the Holidays

There are so many good reasons to give homemade gifts this holiday season. Here are just a few: We're all looking for ways to save a bit where we can.Preschoolers enjoy making things to give to friends and family, and working on gifts is a great way to oc...
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Welcoming Winter

Ginger Carlson - Seasons and Celebrations » Bright Fun for Winter Days

December 21st, the first day of winter, is the shortest day of the year. It marks the return of the light leading towards longer, warmer days, and is one of the most wonderful times to celebrate the natural rhythms of the earth with children. And there ar...
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Holiday Smarts

Eliza Clark - Seasons and Celebrations » Winter Holidays

We are looking forward to being on break with the kids, aren't you? No alarm clocks, no rousting slumbering children from their beds (which goes contrary to our every instinct) in order to catch the school bus. No big hurry to get everyone presentable in ...
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Home Is Where the Holidays Live: Keeping Family Central to the Holidays

Andrea Evans - Celebrating Rituals » The True Spirit of the Holidays

Sometimes in all the rushing around, we forget to slow down and enjoy the moments. Shopping together takes the place of sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows. Hopping from party to party supplants taking the time to walk around and sing carols to ...
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