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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Ashley O'Neill - Seasons and Celebrations » Halloween Fun

It's a little over a week before Halloween, and you still don't have costumes for your kids.  Sound familiar?  (Raising my own hand, here.)  Never fear!  You can come up with a pretty great outfit for your kids by sorting through their dress-up drawer...
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Spooky Science

Ashley Young - Junior Scientists

Halloween is a time for ghosts and goblins, costumes and candy. It's also a great chance to explore the spookier side of science with your kids. Below are some spooky, creepy, gross, and smart ideas for experimenting with your kids this Halloween. An ...
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Explaining Halloween to the Little Ones (Or Not)

Eliza Clark - Seasons and Celebrations » Halloween Fun

We originally thought we'd write today about the historical origins of this wacky holiday, and how to explain to our little ones why it is that everyone spends the last weeks of October carving pumpkins and obsessing about what costume to wear on the big ...
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A Magical Halloween Hike

Laure Latham - Seasons and Celebrations » Halloween Fun

There's a reason fairytales and fantasy books are set in nature. Leafy woods, rolling hills, twisted trees, and clear waterways take on a magical dimension when the day ends and long shadows create fanciful shapes around us. With the right story to tell, ...
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