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Vintage Finds: Let's Grow a Garden

Burgin Streetman - It's Easy Being Green » Fun Green Living

I will never, ever, ever tire of indulging myself with Gyo Fukikawa's illustrations. Her characters and books are such instant sight memories for my childhood. The multicultural kids with their tiny dot eyes and adorable round faces. The little overalls a...
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Environmental Service Projects for Kids

Eliza Clark - It's Easy Being Green » Loving the World Means Taking Care of It

Parents and schools are often looking for ways to get children involved in service projects that will broaden their understanding of the world and help out a good cause at the same time. In the process, we face this question: what can a kid do to make a d...
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Ten Beloved Children’s Authors Write About Nature

Laure Latham - The Great Outdoors

Want kids to connect with nature? They need to learn to love it first and any of these books will help you to plan your next nature exploration. When nature books are so good that they get made into a feature-length movie or stick with your child's memory...
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Ten Activities to Celebrate the Earth

Laure Latham - It's Easy Being Green » Earth Day

Since its creation in 1970, Earth Day has become an incredible incentive to take action and do something for our planet. It's so popular it's part of our kids' lives as much as any major holiday. Each year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, but to make...
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