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Ten Things to Plan for Your Preschooler's Summer

Eliza Clark - Escapes, Real and Imagined » The Taste of Summer

There are summer plans that involve logistics, calendars, and childcare arrangements. And then there are the summer plans that we've been waiting for all year long, the special summer fun we want to make sure our preschoolers don't miss.Here's our list of...
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Night Hikes

Laure Latham - The Great Outdoors » Our World at Night

When you think of night hikes, do you think of crooked witches and monsters? Because you know, that's only in fairytales. Walking in the night with children is a whole different experience that stimulates all senses when everything is quiet and goes to sl...
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Is Your Summer Equipment Ready to Go?

Kristin Teigen - Escapes, Real and Imagined » Savvy Travel Essentials

Are you ready for summer? We imagine it as a time to relax, sit by the water, grill with friends, go camping and enjoy nature's bounty. Yet it's not all that relaxing when you find yourself struggling with gear, realizing that you are out of supplies deep...
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Nighttime Adventures

Eliza Clark - The Great Outdoors » Our World at Night

Once upon a time, before we were parents, the night was a time for adventures. For moonlit strolls and stargazing from rooftops, for camping out, for parties, for romance, and for friendship.When the babies came, however, the character of our eve...
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