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Hometown Summer

Eliza Clark - Parenting Choices » Happiness and Parenting

Summer comes with a call to adventure and travel. It is the season for road trips, visiting family and friends, and perhaps even a chance to take the kids abroad. It's a time to break routines and try someplace different. Summer is all of those things, b...
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Pint-Sized Mysteries

Eliza Clark - The Delights of Reading » Books Filled with Laughs, Treats & Wonder

There's nothing better than a mystery, is there? When you want to lose yourself in a book, just pick up one of the great mystery writers, and off you go. A good detective story is absorbing, relaxing, and it keeps the wheels turning in the old brain. ...
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Traveling to the World of Harry Potter

Laure Latham - Escapes, Real and Imagined » Dreamy Destinations

If wizards had their way, we would all be traveling on flying brooms while gorging on Butterbeer and carrying a tiny trunk packed with toads and potions. Fortunately, Muggles know better nowadays, and we can travel the old-fashioned way with our kids. H...
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Summer Math as Summer Reading

Eliza Clark - Learning » Math

What are your children enjoying most this summer: their math workbooks or their reading lists? In our family, the summer reading goes down easy, but the math problems, not so much. The workbooks get done, but only with a lot of moaning and groaning along ...
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