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And They Slept Happily Ever After: Using Art to Tame Nightmares

Amy Rees - Learning » Art

Your pediatrician may well have warned you that your eighteen-month-old might start showing signs of some pretty vivid dreams. She may not have mentioned, however, that those dreams might swell into full-fledged nightmares over the next few years. Furth...
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Storytelling Poets

Eliza Clark - The Delights of Reading » Poetry for Young Listeners

Children are born with a thirst for stories. An unquenchable thirst, it often seems. "Tell us a story, tell us a story" is the most common of refrains any parent will hear. Kids love all kinds of stories in all different forms: books, movies, made-up tale...
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Books to Help Soothe Nightmares

Eliza Clark - Sleeping 101

Most children have bad dreams now and then. Scary dreams are a normal part of childhood and a way for children’s brains to process and learn to cope with anything in their world that may be unfamiliar, unsettling, challenging, or disturbing. A...
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How to Write Poetry

Ashley O'Neill - The Delights of Reading » Poetry for Young Listeners

It sounds high-falutin', doesn't it? The thought of writing poetry with our children.  But truly, when they are young is the perfect time to introduce children to the wonders of poetry.  When they get much older, they'll start to label it as "too hard t...
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