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Potions Are Messy but Big Fun

Elise Crane Derby - Unplugging Our Kids

My house is overrun with technology, not only for me but for my daughter. She has a DS, a Wii, an iPod, a computer, a DVD player and a CD player (we're old school like that). I have to admit that I love when my daughter plays with technology it keeps thin...
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Photo Safaris: Local Adventures with Your Children

Kristin Teigen - Unplugging Our Kids

The kids are out of school for a little while, the weather is nice, and it's time to get out of the house. Taking walks with our preschoolers can be challenging, though, with their sometimes lagging attention and lack of focus. Here's a solution: photo sa...
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Six Fun Kid-Recycled Art Projects: One Man's (Recycled) Trash is Another Kid's Trea...

Julie Pippert - Unplugging Our Kids

Is your family working to go a little green? Are you on a shoestring budget and trying to keep spending low and kid entertainment high? Both? Yeah that's us too! That's a huge reason why we began making arts and crafts from stuff in our recycling bin.I...
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Tell Me a Story

Ginger Carlson - Unplugging Our Kids

"If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood." ~ Peter Handke Telling stories aloud, different than reading stories, provides many opportunities for connection with each other, creative development, and simply our human-ness. Telling sto...
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