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Magnificent Magazines

Ashley Young - The Delights of Reading » Nonfiction for Inquisitive Minds

Some kids are born readers; they devour books as fast as the library can stock the shelves. Others need a little coaxing. No matter which type of reader you have at home, magazines are an excellent way to get kids reading. For a voracious reader, magazine...
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Books About Girls Who Fly

Eliza Clark - The Delights of Reading » Books About Girls

In the midst of current debates about whether or not women can "have it all" or how much girls will need to "lean in" in order to reach the top, it's worth it to take a look back at history. How have women fought for their dreams in the past? Girls with ...
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The Magic of the Dictionary

Eliza Clark - The Delights of Reading » Nonfiction for Inquisitive Minds

I once heard about a man who read the entire Oxford English Dictionary, all twenty volumes of it, from cover to cover. It took him twelve months to do so. When asked why, the man said that knowing the exact, if obscure, words for things made his experie...
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Five Boredom-Busting Tricks

Ashley Young - What's on Your List?

No two words can make a parent's blood run cold quite as quickly as "I'm bored." That's especially true when those words are spoken before you've even finished your morning coffee. To help you deal, we've pulled together five easy, fun ways for you to res...
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