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Building Fairy Houses

Eliza Clark - Play Time » Having Fun for Free

"Where do fairies live?"If your four-year-old has not asked you this question yet, it is sure to be on the tip of her tongue any day now.Depending on how you answer, the query can lead your little one on to a wonderful outdoor art project: building a fair...
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Backyard Fun on a Budget

Ashley Young - Play Time » Having Fun for Free

You don't need elaborate game sets or one of those huge, inflatable pseudo water parks to have fun in your own backyard this summer. You already have the makings for a fun day outdoors in your kitchen, garage, and linen closet.The Olympics are returning n...
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Using Memories to Make Memories: Sharing the Summertime Highlights of Our Childhoods

Laura Stallard Petza - All About Me and Mine » They Grow Up So Fast

It's no wonder that we, as adults, romanticize childhood, as there is no other time in life so rich with promise and raw beginning.  Think back to your own childhood, to the strangeness and stickiness of being four- or five-years-old, to the hugeness of ...
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Books for Little Campers

Laure Latham - The Great Outdoors

Camping is fun business whatever your age. Whether your children are outdoor newbies or seasoned little wilderness experts, camping is always exciting. You get to sleep under the stars, wake up with nature, and play outside freely. However for many childr...
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