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1, 2, 3, 4 and More Fun Counting Activities

Eliza Clark - Learning » Math

The mind of preschooler is an endlessly interesting thing. One surprise to many parents is that even when a child has known how to recite the numbers from one to ten or even up to twenty for many months, she still may not be able to look at a small set of...
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Geocaching for Families and Beginners

Caroline - Learning » Physical Activity

 Children have been fascinated by treasure hunts for decades. Secret clues hidden in carefully thought out spots eventually leading the seekers to their treasure have excited and entertained every generation. However, a new sort of modern day treasur...
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Gardening with Kids

J Jordan - Learning » Science

When I was a kid, we had a small plot in the back of our house, just big enough to grow a few various and sundry things in. I don't really remember what we grew, but I remember having it. As I got older I began to take part in the activities of gardeni...
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Snacks and Songs for the Hiking Trail

Laure Latham - Learning » Music

We are a huge musical family. We just love peppering conversation with songs or singing on the road. The sillier, the better, and off-key is fine for the less musical-minded in our family. Of all the places we like to sing, our favorite place is on the tr...
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