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Real (and Creative) Math

Ginger Carlson - Learning » Brushing Up on the Basics

If ever there was an all around creativity, problem solving, and thinking builder, it would be math! With a strong foundation for how math is used and its potential for solving problems, young children can get the right start to their relationship with ma...
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Helping Your Child with Instrument Practice

Eliza Clark - Learning » Music

The decision to sign kids up for music lessons may seem like an easy one. Music education is beneficial in so many ways. Who wouldn’t want their child to have that experience? But what music teachers don’t usually tell you before you take th...
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For the Love of Books and Reading

Betsy Brown Braun - Learning » Brushing Up on the Basics

Home is the first school house. And children's attitudes about books and reading begin at home at the earliest ages.Pretty much all children start out loving books. Young children display their love of books in all kinds of ways:  piling them high to mak...
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Ten Things to Do at the Farmers’ Market With Kids

Eliza Clark - Meal Time and Nutrition

One of the consolations of this end of summer, beginning of fall (and school) season is that, in many places, we are entering the full abundance of local harvests. If you've been going to the farmers' market since early summer, then you will be aw...
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