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Hanukkah Fun

Savvy Parenting Staff - Seasons and Celebrations » Winter Holidays

Hanukkah is almost here. If you haven't started already now is the time to get organized, get ready, get the story straight, get your dreidel-spinning skills in shape, and get excited for the Festival of Lights. To help you on your way are a few of...
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Experiments with Light

Ashley Young - Learning » Science

It's the time of year when the days are getting shorter and shorter. By the time everyone in your family is home from work and school, it's probably already dark outside (or close to it). In the interest of fighting off the darkness, this month we are bri...
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Gifts for a Crafty Kid

Eliza Clark - Celebrating Rituals » Keeping Little Hands Busy Around the Holidays

It seems an understatement to say that choosing gifts for family and friends during the holidays is a tricky process. Unless it’s for your very own child who has been telling you what he wants with great precision over and over for the past thr...
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The Science of Snowflakes: Facts and Activities for Children

Laure Latham - Seasons and Celebrations » Bright Fun for Winter Days

Six is the magic number for snow - did you know that? If you had a big magnifier and stepped outside with your children on a cold winter day to watch snow fall from the sky, here is what you might observe - six-sided hexagonal crystals, needles or flat si...
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