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How to Climb a Tree

Ginger Carlson - Learning » Physical Activity

It is has been said that those who dwell in the beauty of the trees, will never grow weary to the mysteries of life.In the book Little Bear's Friend by Else Homelund Minarek, the story begins with Little Bear climbing a tree. During Little Bear's journe...
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The Links Between Exercise, Movement and Learning

Eliza Clark - Learning » Physical Activity

It's hard to believe and sad to say, but summer break is almost halfway over. So far, our weeks have been filled with lots of active family time outdoors: swimming, running around at the beach, playing favorite sports and games, hiking, bike riding, and ...
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Road Rules! Car Games to Help Pass the Time

Susan Choi - Escapes, Real and Imagined » Let's Hit the Road

Last summer my family flew up to Seattle for a family vacation. We had a lot of fun activities planned for the girls who were four and three at the time. In my head, I envisioned us clapping with glee as we saw Orca whales in their natural habitat, splash...
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Backseat Battlefield

Betsy Brown Braun - Escapes, Real and Imagined » Let's Hit the Road

"Summer time, and the livin' is easy..." Well, that is until your two children in the back seat of the car start fighting. Is there anything that drives a parent more nuts?Since it is not likely that your car arrived factory equipped with a chauffeur's sc...
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