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It's Library Day!

Bethany Sanders - The Delights of Reading » The Library

In today's economy and with today's tight budgets, the library has become more important than ever to family fun. The library is the perfect source of free reading materials for the whole family, but it's also so much more. Children's rooms are now decked...
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Ancestry Resources for Digital Kids

Eliza Clark - All About Me and Mine

In our family, summertime is cousin time. Not just first cousins, but second and third cousins too, once- or twice-removed cousins, great-aunts and uncles, not to mention all of the step- and half- and by marriage relatives of various stripes knocking aro...
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When Your Child Is Shy

Betsy Brown Braun - The Social Life of Preschoolers » Social Situations

When a parent describes her child as "shy," I usually ask, "So what were you like when you were growing up."  99% of the time, the parent, almost sheepishly, describes herself or the child's father as having been some form shy (painfully shy, horribly sh...
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Using the Library to Climb Your Family Tree

Ashley Young - All About Me and Mine

You have decided to create a family tree with and for your kids. Now what? Where do you start? It may be tempting to just start typing names into an internet search to see what you get. We suggest a different approach: your public library.Many libraries h...
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