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Ten Habits of Happy Families

Eliza Clark - Communication and Connection

Do you agree with Tolstoy's line in Anna Karenina that "all happy families are alike"? With utmost respect to the greatest novelist ever, we're not quite sure that we do. As parents of young children, we are constantly meeting new families, having playd...
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How Parents Find Their Place

Eliza Clark - Friends and Friendship

We accumulate a lot of things as life goes on. Snow gear comes to mind, on this snowy Thanksgiving in the Northeast. When one goes looking for snow gear in grandmother's closets, one finds generations of mittens going back at least four decades. Friends a...
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So Much to Be Thankful For

Amy Rees - Seasons and Celebrations » Giving Thanks

As parents of young children, we have so much to be thankful for. We may not feel thankful every single second, especially during the tired and cranky seconds, but every day with children offers countless small moments of grace. So, this Thanksgiving, let...
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For Parents: Reminding Ourselves to Be Grateful Too

Eliza Clark - Seasons and Celebrations » Giving Thanks

Parents spend a lot of time reminding their children to say please and thank you. “What do you say?” is one those refrains we never thought we’d hear ourselves say…and yet, we say it all the time.But what about the flip side? How often do we remin...
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