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How to Keep Learning Alive at Home

Ellen Galinsky - Back to School » Good Habits

I don't know about you, but thinking about back-to-school—particularly in the steamy hot days of August—would make me feel anxious when my children were younger. I was especially anxious about their new teachers. What if my son had teachers who didn't...
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Good Homework Habits

Eliza Clark - Back to School » Good Habits

One of the most difficult aspects of the transition from summer vacation to the school year is homework. Having grown accustomed to plentiful free playtime, kids naturally rebel at the thought of having to do homework during their scant after-sch...
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Separation Anxiety and the First Few Weeks of School

Andrea Evans - Back to School » Separation Anxiety

Is your child heading off to preschool for the first time this fall? Are you worried that she will cling to you for dear life and refuse to enter the classroom? Some children waltz into the new classroom, wave goodbye to their parents, and then get ...
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Five Ways to Keep Summer in the School Year

Eliza Clark - Back to School » Checklists and Reminders

It is hard to say goodbye to summer. We feel a pang just thinking the words. We’ve so loved the freedom, the family time, and our summer friendships. We’ve loved the days outdoors, the hours of reading, the new places and sights we’ve dis...
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