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Top Ten Things Every Creative Home Needs

Ginger Carlson

A home that encourages creative thinking and expression would include:1. At least one adult (preferably more) who engages the child with thoughtful interaction and also models wondering about the world and a desire to learn.2. An understanding of the ...
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Color Us Happy! Fun Websites for Aspiring (and Inspiring) Artists

Amy Fauss - Life is Art; Art is Life » Little Art Critics

My girls absolutely love making artwork—as in, they make roughly twenty masterpieces each day. And I'm happy to see their creative little minds at work, really I am, but at this rate we'll soon have to move all of the furniture out and turn the house in...
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The Importance of Creativity: A Peek into Your Child's Imagination

Jacque Grillo - Learning » Art

A young child's imagination is a fascinating thing to witness and an amazing process in which to participate, for those lucky adults so fortunate to be invited! Preschool-aged children have a rich imaginary experience and from their imagination springs ...
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Ten Tips for Helping Your Children Remember Their Manners

Betsy Brown Braun - Whining, Wailing and Other Behavior Challenges » Good Manners

"Mabel, Mabel, if you're able, keep your elbows off the table." That was the chant in my house when we were growing up, the reminder that it wasn't okay to put your elbows on the table. Nor was it okay to use your sleeve to wipe your face, burp out loud, ...
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