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Six Fun Kid-Recycled Art Projects: One Man's (Recycled) Trash is Another Kid's Trea...

Julie Pippert - Unplugging Our Kids

Is your family working to go a little green? Are you on a shoestring budget and trying to keep spending low and kid entertainment high? Both? Yeah that's us too! That's a huge reason why we began making arts and crafts from stuff in our recycling bin.I...
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Tell Me a Story

Ginger Carlson - Unplugging Our Kids

"If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood." ~ Peter Handke Telling stories aloud, different than reading stories, provides many opportunities for connection with each other, creative development, and simply our human-ness. Telling sto...
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Letters and Cards, Hand Delivered

Jennifer Bostwick - Unplugging Our Kids

Remember the feeling of anticipation when the mail carrier would arrive and you knew there was a special envelope in the mailbox? Remember taking your time to carefully open the treasured envelope that was addressed with your name?  Remember reading and...
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The Buzz About Bee- and Bird-Friendly Gardens

Laure Latham - The Great Outdoors

In the classic book The Secret Garden, ten-year old Mary Lennox and her cousin nurse a secret garden back to life and discover happiness and health when the garden blooms and thrives, its pretty flowers attracting all sorts of busy pollinators in the sun...
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