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Vintage Finds: Musicians Around the World

Burgin Streetman - Learning » Music

Connoisseurs of midcentury illustration can't get enough of Richard Erdoes, and perusing these pages, it is easy to see why. Published in 1973 and currently out-of-print, Musicians Around the World is a pictorial journey across the musical landscape of th...
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Every Child Is a Budding Composer

Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D. - Learning » Music

Whether or not your child is destined to be the next Mozart or Mendelssohn, all children share a natural love of music and the ability to create it on their very own. Children are firebrands, lead by their hearts and natural curiosity without inhi...
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Children’s Books About Enjoying the Moment

Eliza Clark - The Delights of Reading » Essentials for the Bookshelf

One of the quiet moments parents enjoy most reliably with their kids is reading together. Those cozy twenty minutes before bed give all of us a chance to calm our minds at the end of the day. On some especially busy days, those twenty minutes may ...
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Yes Day!

Ashley Young - Play Time » Having Fun for Free

No, you cannot have ice cream for breakfast. No, you cannot wear your superhero cape to Grandma's house. No, you cannot splash in the puddles. No, you cannot paint the dog blue ... As a parent, there are some days when it feels like somebody cut our pu...
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