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Architectural Literacy for Kids

Julie Pippert - Building Things (and Knocking Them Down)

Architecture is the art and science of designing and erecting buildings. It's all around us, any building or house. teaching children a little about architecture, and to pay attention to the buildings around us, is a fun exercise. This is a very short, an...
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Architecture Toys

Eliza Clark - Building Things (and Knocking Them Down)

Most kids love building sets, but those who are truly into design and take an interest in architecture will get even more enjoyment and learning out of toys that give them a taste of the real thing. Perhaps they want a hands-on sense of how major architec...
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The Gift of Time

Ginger Carlson - Seasons and Celebrations » Winter Holidays

Steam escapes from the open mouth of the engine's stack as we pull away from the station. Chugga-chugga-puff-puff is all we can hear as my son's nose is pressed against the glass with the force of gale wind. With every ounce of his being given to this mom...
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It's Never Too Early to Learn to Ski

Jill Notkin - Learning » Physical Activity

If you live in an area of the country where it snows, chances are you spend your winters finding ways to be outside even in the cold, while still enjoying yourself. If you live in a region that offers downhill skiing, then learning to ski is a wonderful g...
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