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Alarm Clock & Nightlight by OK to Wake!

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American Innovative: Onaroo

  • Help your child stay in bed longer with this adorable color-changing nightlight timer
  • Features customizable wake-up times, nap timer, brightness, and pink-or-green face plates
  • Alarm clock with Snooze function allows older kids to get up 'on their own'

The Highlights

Having your little ones creep into your room at six in the morning is heart-warming, but after the fifth time you're left hoping for a bit less creeping and a bit more sleeping. Now sleepy parents everywhere can get a bit more shut-eye with OK to Wake!, the innovative alarm clock and nightlight lets parents set a "get out of bed" time so kids aren't constantly asking mom and dad whether they can get up. OK to Wake! glows green when it's time to wake up, leaving kids in their own beds waiting excitedly on their own. In the evening, it turns into a nightlight, glowing a dim, soothing yellow, lighting your little one's way to sleep. OK to Wake! also functions as a nap timer and a "big kid" alarm clock with gradual wake-up tones, fun animations and a snooze button. Make naptime, bedtime and wake-up time more fun for your little one with OK to Wake! -- with this week's Savvy Source deal, both your eyes and your pocketbook will rest a little easier.

  • Shipping is $7.50 per item.
  • Merchant will ship by January 20th, 2012.
  • Clock comes with interchangeable pink and green faceplates.

About American Innovative: Onaroo

American Innovative: Onaroo
398 Columbus Ave, Suite 321
Boston MA 02116

Sold Out :(