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Celebrating every single milestone

  • Keep kids encouraged and involved in potty training with a personalized Bossy Baby Reward Chart
  • Kids get to put a sticker on a circle every time they use the potty
  • Choose from girl or boy design

The Highlights

For a child, potty training can be a big and exciting step -- in the beginning, at least. After the initial thrill is gone, they might not be so eager to interrupt a fun activity to go to the potty! Keep your young toilet trainer interested and motivated with the Bossy Baby Reward Chart. This laminated chart is personalized with your child's name and features spaces for where he can place his favorite sticker every time he goes to the potty. Once you explain to him that he gets a prize after all 20 circles are filled, potty training goes from a chore to a game. See the look of pride in your little one's face when he sees how many stickers are already on his chart, and see the look of excitement when he realizes he only has a few more to go before he fills his chart and claims his prize!

  • Guaranteed Christmas Delivery! Personalize your purchase with your child's name.
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