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Teaching made easy!

  • Help your child prepare for potty training with her very own personalized potty book
  • Bossy Baby Potty Books teach children how to use the potty and what to expect when they potty train
  • Choose from girl or boy book, and personalize with your child's name and a dedication

The Highlights

To a small child, potty training is a big step -- as big as that grown-up toilet that mom and dad use! Help your child succeed at this exciting and important process with the Bossy Baby Potty Book. It has all the basics -- what pee pee and poop are, how to know when she needs to use a potty, and what to do when she finds one -- presented in a simple, fun way. The whimsical illustrations will help her get used to the idea of going on the potty and ease some of her anxieties about the potty training process. With the help of the Bossy Baby Potty Book, your child will be well on her way to going potty -- and growing up.

  • Guaranteed Christmas Delivery! Personalize your purchase with your child's name.
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  • Shipping is $5 per order.

About Bossy Baby Chronicles

Bossy Baby Chronicles

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