Cartography for Kids

When traveling on a long car trip, give your kids a laminated map of the US and, using a Vis a Vis pen, have them trace the map route along with you. You can also have a separate map where your child can color in the states you have been to.(read more)

Explore the World

Hang a world map (or use a globe) and explore with your child important geographic landmarks such as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the North and South Poles and the seven continents. As your child begins to recognize these places, stick tiny stickers onto each landmark that your child can identify as a marker of where you've "been." Expand your explorations to places that you or a loved ...(read more)

Being Savvy Today

Thanksgiving Traditions


As a child in the early 70s, we had very traditional Thanksgivings at my grandparent's home. My sisters and I would be dressed in homemade matching dresses, in the loudest fabric the decade could provide. My brother wore a suit, as did all the other men, and of course

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