Valentine's Day

Huggable Valentine's Day Card

On a tabletop or on the floor, tape 4 or 5 pieces of plain white paper together end to end. Have your child lay down so that his shoulders are in the middle of the strip of papers and his arms out reach out to the ends of the papers. Then trace your child's arms and hands, making a big paper hug. Cut out the hands and ...(read more)

Homemade Valentine Cards

Use construction paper to make your own Valentine's Day cards! Cut out small squares of paper, about 5" x 5" or so. Fold them in half to make a card. Decorate with glued on items, glitter, stickers, stamps, markers or paint. Have your child sign the inside and pass out and/or mail to friends and loved ones. A homemade card is so thoughtful!(read more)

Love Bugs

Cute art project and poem to accompany it! Start with a large heart out of any color construction paper (you can use the traditional pink, red, white of Valentine's Day or opt for more colors, if you wish). Glue a smaller heart inside of the larger one. Ideally, there should be about a 1/2 inch border showing from the larger heart; this is the base for the ...(read more)

Lacy Valentine's Day Cards

Cut out and glue a pink or red construction paper heart to the center of a paper doily to make a lacy edged, beautiful card. Decorate further with heart stickers or glitter for an even fancier card! Sign and distribute to friends and loved ones. (read more)

Valentine Heart Sandwiches

Make lunch fun on Valentines Day (or any other day) by making heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Simply make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as usual and then use a heart shaped cookie cutter to shape them. Preschoolers can help spread the jelly using a spoon or plastic knife and "cut" out the hearts with the cookie cutters. This is also fun with strawberry cream cheese ...(read more)

Homemade Valentine's Cards

Get an early start on making cards for Valentine's Day. Use red construction paper and show your preschooler how to make a heart by folding the paper in half and cutting a "half-heart," then unfolding and decorating the card. Grandparents will adore it!(read more)

Love, Love, Love, YOU!

This game is played just like duck, duck, goose except you use the words love and you -- a sweet twist on an old favorite. You can have a "love pot" in the middle of the circle and once a player is tagged, he or she can munch away on a couple of sweet treats while waiting for someone else to be tagged and join them.(read more)

Valentine Mailboxes

This is a fun activity for a small group such as a playgroup or a Valentine's party but works with just your child as well. Take a shoe box and wrap each piece in Valentine's wrapping paper (or plain red or pink paper) so that the lid can still open. If you'd like, you can cut a small mail slot in the top. Then let your child decorate ...(read more)


Lollipop Valentines

1. From red construction paper, cut out a heart that's just larger than the lollipop and using glue stick, adhere it to the wrapper. 2. For the leaves, fold green paper in half and cut out a leaf shape, creating two-sided leaves. Leave the two sides attached at the fold. 3. Unfold the double leaf shape, coat the entire inside surface with glue, ...(read more)


Valentine Stained Glass

To make a festive Valentine's Day window decoration, cut a large heart out of 2 sheets of red, pink, or white construction paper. The heart must be the same size & placement on both sheets because you will be using the heart-shaped holes not the hearts themselves. Next glue a piece of red cellophane or pink plastic wrap (the same size at the construction paper) onto one of ...(read more)

Valentine Photo Cards

This year personalize your child's Valentine's cards with a picture. Make as many copies of the photo you want to use as the number of cards you plan to make. Then glue the picture onto cut out hearts, red or pink "frames" made from construction paper, or even store bought cards. Your child's friends and family will love the more personal card with his picture, and younger children ...(read more)

Valentine Candy Patterns

Buy an individual box of colored Valentine heart candies. Have your child pour them out and build color patterns. Start simple, like pink, white, pink, white. You can then get more complex like pink, yellow, white, green, pink, yellow, white, green. It's a fun way to learn patterning skills!(read more)

Heart Animals

Cut a variety of sizes of hearts out of red, pink, and white paper. If your child is old enough, you can show them how to fold the paper to cut their own heart. Use the hearts to create animals. The possibilities are endless. My son made a butterfly with the hearts being the wings, and a dog with a big heart for the body, a ...(read more)

Cookie Lollipops

Prepare for baking by lining your cookie sheets with parchment paper and pre-heating the oven according to your recipe. Next, roll out the cookie dough on a floured surface, and cut large heart-shaped cookies using your cookie cutter. Once all your dough has been cut into big hearts, cut out the center of each heart cookie with a smaller size heart cookie cutter. Now that your cookies ...(read more)

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Our children are our teachers in so many ways, obvious as well as subtle. Their very appearance in our lives immediately certifies us as experts in all sorts of thingsā€”and rookie-league amateurs in all kinds of others! Then they go to school, where they come to know facts

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