Egg Carton Flowers

1. Cut apart an egg carton into individual sections and have your child paint the sections with a variety of colors. (Markers or crayons can also be used.) 2. Poke a pipe cleaner through the bottom of each section to make a stem. 3. Cut leaf shapes out of green construction paper and glue them onto the pipe cleaners. You could also cut some petals out of ...(read more)

Spring Lamb

Your kids will have a lot of fun celebrating spring with this cute craft. Begin by gluing cotton balls all over a cardboard toilet paper tube. Next, poke four holes in what will become the bottom of the cotton ball-covered lamb -- two towards the front and two towards the back. These are the holes for the legs. Thread two black pipe cleaners through the holes ...(read more)


Decorating Flower Pots and Planting Seeds

This can be a great party craft or a fun project at home. Have kids paint the outsides of their flower pots and allow to dry. When pots are dry enough to handle, have the kids pour in the potting soil and sprinkle seeds in. Hopefully in a few weeks they will have a sprouted plant!(read more)

Easter Egg Mobile

Cut out Easter eggs out of colored construction paper, or decorate white paper eggs with markers, paint, yarn, etc. Punch a hole in the top of each egg and tie it with string onto the bottom of a hanger. Presto! Your very own Easter mobile. You can also do a combination of eggs, bunnies, baby chicks, and flowers.(read more)

Growing a Garden

After the cold weather is over, invite the children to explore in the backyard with you. Buy a children's gardening set (trowel, spade, gloves) so that they can help you clear the dirt in order to prepare the soil so that you can plant pretty flower seeds or tomatoes. Go to your local nursery together to pick out plants and seeds. Kids LOVE helping in the garden.(read more)

Edible Bird's Nest

This is a great activity for springtime, especially if you're lucky enough to a have a bird's nest in a tree by your house. Melt 1/4 c. of butter in a saucepan. Add 4 cups mini marshmallows to the melted butter, and stir over low heat until mixture is smooth. Add green food coloring, if you want to color your nest. Remove the marshmallow mixture from heat, and stir ...(read more)

Thumbprint Tree

This is a fun art project for little ones! To get ready, cut out a tree trunk and branches on brown construction paper and glue it to a light colored piece of paper. Then, take your child's thumb (or let your child do this part herself) and put it on a green ink pad. Next, let your child begin putting thumbprints all over the branches to add ...(read more)

Homemade Bud Vase

This is a fun activity for springtime, when the flowers are beginning to bloom. Take a glass bottle, such as a salad dressing bottle or a taco sauce bottle, and remove the label. Then, let your child apply small pieces of masking tape all over the bottle until the entire bottle, except the opening, is covered. Last, help your child to gently brush paint over the tape. ...(read more)

Handprint Tree

This is a really fun way to help your toddler make a cute art project. Paint the inside of your child's forearm brown then press it down on a piece of white paper. This will be the trunk of the tree. Then dip (or paint with a brush) your child's hand in green paint. Press down several times overlapping to make the leaves of the tree. ...(read more)

Inside Out Science

Science isn't just projects, it's everywhere. My kids enjoy learning about things by taking them apart to see what's inside. Collect a few flowers and examine them together. Talk about their texture, take them apart carefully so you can see how they're made. Squish them in your hands to feel how much moisture is inside. Try this with different kinds of flowers. Seeds work ...(read more)


Spring Collage

Go on a nature walk in the spring and pick up wild flowers, leaves, twigs, feathers, and other signs of spring in a paper bag. Next, help your child write "spring" on a paper plate. Then have him or her glue on the spring items to the plate. A pretty reminder of the new season of spring!(read more)


Searching for Worms

Kids like gooey things, especially gooey things deep in the soil. Go out in your yard and let your children know that you'll be looking for worms. Help your children to move the soil around very carefully using either their hands or small trowels. Explain how worms help the soil and allow plants to grow. If the kids find a worm that hasn't seen sunlight in a ...(read more)

Springtime Tree

Draw a tree trunk and branches on a piece of construction paper. Then help your child glue popped popcorn on the ends of the branches for blooms (be sure to have extra popcorn on hand for snacking). You can also add more to the picture, like grass, flowers, and a house. What a fun, unique picture for spring!(read more)

Tissue Paper Rainbow

Start with a piece of white paper - - a small one to fit on the refrigerator, or a larger one to decorate your child's bedroom wall or playroom. With a pencil, trace out the curved lines of a rainbow, leaving plenty of space to fill in the colors with tissue paper. Cut or tear up small pieces of tissue paper, wad them up, and glue them onto the rainbow ...(read more)


Wheelbarrow planters

Take the plastic scoop from your powdered laundry detergent and wash it very well. Then, glue on two clean gallon milk jug lids, one on each side. This should look like a tiny wheelbarrow. Next add potting soil and let the kids plant a few seeds. Grass seeds or lima beans work very well for this project because they grow so fast. As the plants grow, be ...(read more)

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Our Ten Favorite Artists to Introduce to Preschoolers


The sun is beginning to come out, spring break will be here soon, and a trip to a museum might be a fun way to spend an afternoon with your preschooler, don't you think?  It doesn't have to be as high-falutin' as it sounds. Most fine art museums have

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