Learning to Listen

Name that Instrument

This activity works well with children who are familiar with different types of instruments that are played in symphonies and orchestras. You can either choose a classical piece or other songs where instruments are heard. As you play the songs, ask your child what instruments he hears. If he is having trouble identifying them, ask "Do you hear the drum?" This exercise may take time and practice but it ...(read more)

Slow and Fast

This activity can be done with or without music. If you have a CD with different tempos of music, randomly play small sections of songs that are fast or slow. When your child hears a fast song, tell him to move fast. When the song is slow, tell your child to move slowly. If you don't have music, just call out the tempo - "Move fast, now move slow." This ...(read more)


Drawing Music

Put on some music for your little one. It can be classical, jazzy, kids or adult music. Give him a paper and crayon and have him draw the music he hears. Does it make him want to make slow, lazy loops or fast and frantic dots? Does it make him feel like using a blue, red or yellow crayon? Do it alongside your child and ...(read more)

Music Acting

Play or sing a song that tells a story or describes movement such as "Jack and Jill" or "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain." Act out the movements to the story. This activity will encourage the children to listen to the words of the story and follow direction. (read more)

Night, Night! Wake Up!

Grab some blankets and pillows and show your toddler or preschooler how to go "night night" on the floor. Kids of this age love to act out going to sleep, complete with blankets and snoring. Enjoy a few moments of repose, and then say, "Wake up!" and sit up with your child. Repeat endlessly! (read more)


Time to Rest

Pick a slow song or lullaby. Tell child to pretend to sleep with you or just lie down and listen. Play as much of the song as you like. This exercise encourages your child to experience relaxation and to listen. (read more)

One for the Money...

When your kids need to expend a little energy but going outside may not be an option, remove the pillows from your couch and place them directly in front of the couch. Then explain that the child can climb up and jump onto the cushions. We often count "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to GO!" and the kids love jumping ...(read more)


Follow the Clapping Leader

You can do this with just you and your child or with a group of children. Clap out a rhythm on your shoulder, knee, arm, or some other body part, and your child or the group of children must follow. Any number can play this game and if you are in a group the children can take turns leading the clapping.(read more)

Being Savvy Today

Tips for Choosing "After-Preschool" Activities and Classes


More and more, it seems, there are so many different kinds of activities and classes geared to the little ones. Deciding which ones to try and which to pass on sometimes gets confusing. There are all the wonderful music classes that encourage you to bring your baby before

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