Telling Time


How Long Will It Take To....

Developing a sense of the passage of time is difficult for preschoolers. You can help them learn by doing this activity. Have your child estimate how long it will take to do something such as walk to the park or drive to preschool. Use a watch or clock to time how long it really takes, and then compare your child's estimate with the actual time and ...(read more)


Paper Plate Clock

Write the numbers 1 through 12 on the outer edge of a white paper plate. Create hands for the clock by cutting off two half-inch wide strips of black poster board. Make one strip three inches tall and the other five inches tall. Cut off two small triangles from the black poster board. Glue one to the end of each of the strips of poster board. ...(read more)


Child-Sized Calendar

Create a calendar together to celebrate the new year. The first way that most children learn to keep track of the calendar year is through the holidays. From Halloween to New Year's to a child's own birthday, each holiday has a special magic that the little ones look forward to and plan for and then remember and revisit. To make your calendar together, you can either download a template ...(read more)

Being Savvy Today

Thanksgiving Traditions


As a child in the early 70s, we had very traditional Thanksgivings at my grandparent's home. My sisters and I would be dressed in homemade matching dresses, in the loudest fabric the decade could provide. My brother wore a suit, as did all the other men, and of course

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