DIY: Seashell Picture Frame

Create a homemade seashell picture frame to remember your precious memories at the beach. Collect a variety of seashells from your summer vacation at the beach, and then glue them onto a simple frame for decoration.(read more)


Chalk the Walk

Mark off an area of your driveway, sidewalk or any other washable surface and let your kids go to town with Sidewalk Chalk. You can ask them to draw shapes, letters or numbers, or just let the little ones doodle. I'll draw objects or animals and then ask my son to run and jump on them, which adds a little physical activity. My son loves to finish ...(read more)


This is a great activity and could be done at the beach -- you'll just need to include at least 30 minutes in your time for everything to harden and make sure you have access to fresh water! Dig a hole about 12 inches square and about 6 inches deep in the sand. Wet the sides of the hole well. Press objects in the sides and bottom ...(read more)


On a nice sunny day, let your kids strip down to a diaper or undies/swimsuit and let them fingerpaint outside. Have paper ready, but you can also let them paint on your kiddie table or let them paint themselves. My kids painted their whole bodies and all our kids toys outside. Then when we were done, they helped hose down all the toys and ran through the ...(read more)

Body Paint

Kids love to paint and will be so excited to paint their own body!! This activity is perfect for a warm day outside! To create your own body paint, combine non-toxic, washable powdered tempera paint and baby shampoo. Then head outside and let your child go to town painting himself and you, if you're brave!(read more)

Jack and Jill Fetching A Pail of Water

Take either two bowls or buckets and a big sponge. Fill the first bucket with some water, but not all the way full. Have your child soak up the water with the sponge and then wring it out in the empty bucket. See how many times or how long it takes for them to empty the first bucket and fill the second using only the sponge.(read more)


Summer Walk

Go for a summer walk through the neighborhood and point out the changes since spring and winter, or have you child point out the changes, if he or she is old enough. This works with any season and is a great way to teach your child about seasons and the passage of time.(read more)

Shell Painting

Collect seashells (or buy a small bag from the craft store) of all shapes and sizes....white shells work best for this craft! Make sure the shells are clean and dry and then let your child paint each shell. For some extra shine, spray the shells with clear acrylic spray when the paint has dried. (read more)


Homemade Sprinkler

Who needs a watering can in the summer when your child can water the pots/plants with a homemade watering can? You kids will love doing this! Take an empty and clean gallon-size plastic milk jug. Poke holes towards the bottom of the container with a hammer and nails. Then take your watering can outside, fill with water, and let your child have fun watering the flowers, ...(read more)

Sand Tracks

This activity works best at the beach or a large sand area at a local playground. With your foot, trace tracks in the sand in large spirals, waves, swirls, any design you like. Criss-crossing tracks work well; the more intricate the better. Then let your child run along the tracks like a little locomotive. My boys used to love tracing and retracing these "maps" in the ...(read more)

Seashell Memory Box

Here is a fun way for your child to remember her last trip to the beach! Wash off the seashells that you brought home and turn them into a nice keepsake. Begin by finding an old but clean plastic food container (like one of the Ziploc or Glad ones) that you're willing to part with. Then, let your child paint the sides, the base, and the outside ...(read more)


Popsicle Painting

Paint pictures on white paper using different colors of popsicles. You can use this activity to illustrate the concept of melting ice turning into water.(read more)

Sand Pictures

Have your child draw with white glue on a sturdy piece of paper. Both abstract and representational images work well. Then place the drawing face down on some sand. Shake off the excess sand; allow to dry. If you're at the beach, you can use this activity to bring a little of the fun home with you.(read more)

Inside Out Science

Science isn't just projects, it's everywhere. My kids enjoy learning about things by taking them apart to see what's inside. Collect a few flowers and examine them together. Talk about their texture, take them apart carefully so you can see how they're made. Squish them in your hands to feel how much moisture is inside. Try this with different kinds of flowers. Seeds work ...(read more)


Searching for Worms

Kids like gooey things, especially gooey things deep in the soil. Go out in your yard and let your children know that you'll be looking for worms. Help your children to move the soil around very carefully using either their hands or small trowels. Explain how worms help the soil and allow plants to grow. If the kids find a worm that hasn't seen sunlight in a ...(read more)

Being Savvy Today

Top Ten Things Every Creative Home Needs


A home that encourages creative thinking and expression would include: 1.  At least one adult (preferably more) who engages the child  with thoughtful interaction and also models wondering about the world and a desire to learn. 2.  An understanding of the child's unique ways of learning . If we

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