Sing Along

Create Your Own Songs

Bring out the songwriter in your child. Choose a simple tune you know well (i.e. "Jingle Bells" or "Mary Had a Little Lamb") and make up new words to the song. The songs don't have to make sense or be "good"; this is just about having fun and singing! You can choose a theme like encouraging rhyming skills or phonics (i.e. make a song up with ...(read more)


The Wheels on The Stroller Go...

We all know the old "Wheels on the Bus." Next time you go for a walk, try singing "Wheels on the Stroller." Some sample lyrics: The visor on the stroller goes up and down. The girls in the stroller go whee, whee, whee (or wah wah wah, depending on the day. The doggie by the stroller goes bark, bark, bark. The mommy pushing the ...(read more)

Make Your Own Microphone

Make your own microphone using the tube from a roll of paper towels, toilet paper, or wrapping paper (cut to microphone length). Decorate the microphone base as you wish, using paint, stickers, etc. Crumple foil into a ball and stuff into one end of the tube making the bulb part of the microphone. Put on some music and have your little one put on a show. (read more)

You Are My Sunshine!

A fun twist on the song "You Are My Sunshine." In this modified version, you replace "sun" with the name of your child or members of your family, friends, etc. Our rendition will go, "You are my Gwen-shine, my only Gwen-shine, you make me happy, when skies are gray, you'll never know dear, how much I love you, please do not take my Gwen-shine away." We then ...(read more)

Row, Row, Row Your Boat with Your Baby

This activity is for a baby the age of about 4-5 months. Sit on the floor with your legs spread apart and sit your baby facing you propped up with a pillow or cushion. Grasp his hands and pull his arms very gently so that he leans toward you while you lean back slightly, then change direction so that you lean forward and he leans back. Sing "Row, Row, Row ...(read more)


More Fun with "Old MacDonald"

After we've exhausted all of the animals we can think of while singing "Old MacDonald," we add tractors, crops (such as apples or tomatoes), puddles or ponds, etc. and stretch our creativity thinking of sounds to go with them. The kids love coming up with silly sounds to go along with all of the different things.(read more)

Singing Memories

Here's a fun way I have to help my toddlers remember holidays, visits with family, or outings in the city. I make up songs about each memorable event. You don't have to sing on key to get your kids hooked on these personal songs. You can either create one song and keep adding verses or create different songs with different tunes for each event.(read more)

Sing a Swimming Song

My 21 month old and I took swimming lessons together and learned a fun song to sing in the pool. It's sung to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus" and is called the "The Kids in the Pool." You can add any actions you like, but some that we learned were: "The kids in the pool go splash, splash, splash...splash, splash, splash...splash, splash, splash...The kids in ...(read more)

Floating Flat as a Pancake

We have been taking swimming lessons all summer, and one of the hardest skills to teach a tot is floating on the back. My little one loved this song and has enjoyed floating on her back ever since we learned it. We even sing it in the bathtub! It is to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot" and the lyrics are: I'm a little pancake on ...(read more)

Ad-libbing Song Lyrics

Start by singing a favorite song with your child that he or she knows well. Second verse: change the lyrics to include either your child, your pet, or something in the immediate environment. Get your child contributing their own made-up lyrics--it will really get them giggling! (read more)

Being Savvy Today

Top Ten Things Every Creative Home Needs


A home that encourages creative thinking and expression would include: 1.  At least one adult (preferably more) who engages the child  with thoughtful interaction and also models wondering about the world and a desire to learn. 2.  An understanding of the child's unique ways of learning . If we

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