Creatures Of The Abyss

Space Center Houston

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Event Information

Descend to the deepest parts of the ocean with the new Science North special exhibition Creatures of the Abyss! Discover the extraordinary, mysterious, and downright strange creatures of the deep. Entangle yourself in the tentacles of a life-sized model of a colossal squid -- the largest known species of squid! Step inside the Bioluminescence Theatre and find out how the creatures of the abyss produce fantastic colored light shows to see and communicate in complete darkness! Hitch a virtual ride with Alvin, the world's first deep-ocean submersible vehicle. Catch the spirit of exploration as you travel alongside scientists as they discover fascinating new creatures of the abyss.
  • Event Category Indoor Fun, Other Museums
  • Event Ages 12+

Event Location

Space Center Houston

1601 NASA Parkway
Houston, TX 77058

(281) 244-2100