Cyberchase -- The Chase is On!

The Thinkery

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Cyberchase -- The Chase is On! is an exhibit developed by the Children's Museum of Houston and based on a PBS series meant to encourage children to have fun using math to solve problems. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to help the CyberSquad (Matt, Inez, Jackie and Digit) protect the virtual world from the shenanigans of the nefarious Hacker.You enter the exhibit through a special portal which leads you to almost a dozen stations. The bright colors and cartoon characters are very inviting to the little ones, and there are more ways to become engaged with the exhibit than some past offerings. Since the show targets kids ages 8-12, it's unlikely that your preschooler will have the faintest idea how to use fractions, probability, algebra and place value to solve the challenges, but that just means that adults are pushed to think more creatively. Little ones can try their luck at the Cybercycle to add to the Motherboard's reserve battery, visit the Grim Wreaker to stack pieces in the Hacker's closet and race a chain of cars, trucks tractors and other vehicles on the Kahuna-Huna Race-a-Runa (the latter will attract those who love playing on the train table out front). If you are looking for more ideas about how to incorporate math lessons into your day, you can visit the PBS Parents Guide to Early Math for Pre-K & K.As always, there are plenty of other things to explore the Museum than just the feature exhibit. Preschoolers love the Funstruction Zone, train loft, grocery store, restaurant, vet's office, Capitol Metro bus and the recently-returned En mi familia/In My Family (located where the Austin City Limits stage used to be) permanent exhibits. 
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  • Event Cost Under $10
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  • Event Ages 3-6, 6-9, 9-12

Event Location

The Thinkery

1830 Simond Ave.
Austin, TX 78723

(512) 469-6200