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Come face to face with a polar bear without fearing an attack.  Wonder at the golden lion tamarin and its human-like face, and giggle at the tuxedo of the Humboldt penguin.  All of these creatures and more are featured in exquisite detail, created from LEGO® bricks by LEGO® certified professional, Sean Kenney.  Children can learn about these animals and their vanishing habitats now through October 31 at one of the zoo's most intricate displays.

Designed to teach children about the world's endangered wildlife, this exhibit allows guests to wander among live animal displays throughout the zoo while learning about vanishing habitats of many mammals, birds, and amphibians.  The exhibit even features a local creature, the diamondback terrapin turtle that can be found in marshes along the Jersey Shore.  Look for the harlequin frog perched outside of the Reptile and Amphibian House.  This little critter is threatened in Ecuador due to a fungus outbreak.  Learn about the Western lowland gorilla and how humans have contributed to the downfall of this magnificent ape.

Zoos have always been excellent teaching tools for children to learn about animals.  This exhibit goes a step further and shows just how much impact we have on life on Earth.  From invasive species introduced to areas that diminish native wildlife to the destruction of rainforests and even hunting, Creatures of Habitat provides an artistic and yet poignant look into the devastating effects of human interference.

This exhibit helps to make a fun day at the zoo an enriching and rewarding experience. Be sure to catch it before the LEGO® sculptures -- and the animals themselves -- disappear forever.

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Philadelphia Zoo

3400 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104

(215) 243-1100