Symphony Space

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Event Information

The show, which has been seen around the globe by over 500,000 people, is interactive mayhem that carries audiences to the other side of the funhouse mirror, with outrageous zaniness, unrestrained laughter, and more paper and confetti than a ticker-tape parade!

“So funny the audience did more than just laugh, they laughed more than any theatrical experience within memory.”  -Los Angeles Times

“Aga-boom fills the theater with flying wads and flakes of paper, laughter, whoops and screams of children and adults alike. Masterly clowning with its own originality… Pure family fun…"  -The New York Times

  • Event Category Puppet Shows, Other Dance , Indoor Fun, Concerts, Musical Theater
  • Event Cost Under $20
    ADULTS $25, Members $21 KIDS $15, Members $13
  • Event Ages All

Event Location

Symphony Space

2537 Broadway
New York, NY 10025

(212) 864-5400