Backyard Theater: Blue Sky Puppet Theatre in "The Barker of Seville"

The Mansion at Strathmore

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Event Information

The Strathmore Backyard Stage is home to a musical comedy the Barker of Seville by the Blue Sky Puppet Theater. Parents and children will love watching this show outdoors. Children under 3 are free!

The Barker of Seville is a musical comedy about 2 aspiring young opera singers named Rufus Raindog and Rosa Bush. Rufus and Rosa work in a restaurant while auditioning and practicing; preparing themselves for a real opera role. At one audition Rosa gets a small part while Rufus runs afoul of the melodramatically sinister Leonardo Vespucci Provologni Hold the Mustard Fulla Bologna, the self proclaimed "World's Greatest Opera Singer." Rufus begins to doubt his abilities but through the help of his teacher, the delightfully wacky Dr. Bonehead, Rufus regains his confidence and in spite of Leonardo's devious plot, Rufus prevails and realizes his dreams.

This Blue Sky Puppet Theater show features 9 realistic, mouth-moving puppets and two actors.

Parents may want to prepare their children for the fact that this puppet show features opera singing. The Blue Sky Puppet Theater and Strathmore staff suggest the following talking points for parents and their children to discuss before the show: 

1. What is an opera? 2. What is the difference between an opera, a musical comedy and a play? 3. Could rock or rap music be used in an opera? Can you give some examples? 4. Discuss the nature of puppets. What kinds have you seen? How is a puppet used? 5. Discuss the nature of theater production. How is a puppet play different from live plays? How is it the same?6. Discuss the basic elements of a story. 7. What is a goal? What kind of goals do you have? How can you reach them?

Before the show, read a play or a short story. Go to your library to read books about puppetry and puppets. Pick up a library book about opera. Check out a CD of opera music.

  • Event Category Opera, Puppet Shows
  • Event Cost Under $10
    Tickets are $7/per person for general admission. If you are a Strathmore Star the ticket price is $6.30/person.
  • Event Ages 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12

Event Location

The Mansion at Strathmore

10701 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

(800) 735-2258