Intergalactic Nemesis

The Grand Opera House

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Event Information

The immersive multimedia experience taking the nation by storm arrives at The Grand! Intergalactic Nemesis is a live-action graphic novel, science fiction homage, and old-time radio show, all rolled into one spectacular stage performance. This unique show projects 1500 hand-drawn comic book illustrations panel-by-panel, while three actors perform the voices, a foley artist creates the sound effects, and a keyboardist plays the score, all live. As for the story? The year is 1933. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Molly Sloan and her intrepid research assistant Timmy Mendez team up with a mysterious librarian from Flagstaff, Arizona, named Ben Wilcott. Together, they travel from Rumania to Scotland to the Alps to Tunis to the Robot Planet and finally to Imperial Zygon to defeat a terrible threat to the very future of humanity: an invading force of sludge-monsters from outer space known as the Zygonians.
  • Event Category Indoor Fun, Other, Theater
  • Event Cost More than $20
    "Price Range $27-$32"
  • Event Ages 9-12, 12+

Event Location

The Grand Opera House

818 North Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

(302) 652-5577