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Be sure not to miss this thought provoking traveling exhibit to understanding how 1968 was a pivotal year in our nation's history.


The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and the Vietnam War: the year 1968 was one of the most turbulent 12 months post-World War II that rocked the foundations of American society. The extraordinary events of that year witnessed profound change in social and political systems and confirmed to citizens of all ages that fundamental change was both possible and necessary.



Organized by four major themes, the Power of Idealism, the Power of Music, the Power of the Bullet and the Power of the Press, 1968 in America utilizes 50 original photographs, magazine covers, political memorabilia, record albums, and other objects to explore this pivotal moment in American history.

The Power of Idealism outlines political movements and personalities that fueled many of the most dramatic events of the year, especially the presidential candidacies of Eugene McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy. The Power of Music explores the sounds that fueled a counter-culture revolution, including the works of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the musical Hair. The Power of the Bullet delves into the violence and upheaval of the period: the assassinations, riots, and political protests. The Power of the Press addresses the roles that the media—particularly television and the underground press—played in setting the mood and motivations of the time.

Just as the nation’s “Boomer” generation turns 60, 1968 in America offers audiences an opportunity to look back on a tumultuous, pivotal and influential year. Through the exhibition’s thematic format the Boulder History Museum will customize the show by adding content that links national events with local Boulder history.



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