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Resources for Finding Things to Do

Want to learn more about how to find great things to do with your children? Our editors have put together several articles to help.

Tips for Choosing "After-Preschool" Activities and Classes

Eliza Clark - All About Me and Mine » Fostering Self-Esteem and Independence

More and more, it seems, there are so many different kinds of activities and classes geared to the little ones. Deciding which ones to try and which to pass on sometimes gets confusing. There are all the wonderful music classes that encourage you to bring...
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10 Questions to Ask When Signing Up For a New Activity

Eliza Clark - 10 Questions

The end of January often marks the end of the fall/winter "semester" of preschool-age activities and classes, and the beginning of the spring term. Now is the time when you may be on the verge of shifting your child's schedule around for the spring, si...
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Ten Adventures to Take

Savvy Parenting Staff - In My Town

If you have run out of ideas for things to do this summer, you are not alone. And sometimes just getting everyone covered in sunscreen so we can go to the pool seems like more trouble than it's worth. But with just one more month before the kids go back t...
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Music Lessons: When and How to Take Your Child's Musical Interest to the Next Level

Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D. - Learning » Music

I'm frequently asked by parents what age their children should start taking music more seriously and begin a musical instrument. It always makes me happy to see that parents truly understand the importance of music to ask this question. Music is a won...
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