Advanced Fishing Camp

9500 Brunett Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20901




If you've completed our Beginning Fishing Camp or are comfortable with overhead and sidearm casting, have mastered at least one reliable knot for attaching tackle to line, and can rig plastic worms and grubs to jig heads, you're ready for Advanced Fishing Camp! We'll focus on building the skill and techniques to effectively use a wider variety of artificial lures, and to better understand fish behavior and fishing strategies. Campers will also learn care, maintenance and selection of equipment. Free tackle pack with a variety of lures for all! We'll fish a wide variety of waters, both on- and off- site.

2018 Camp Information

Camp Type:

  • Day Camp

Camp Season:

  • Summer

Camp Subject:

  • Multiple Types
  • Science/Nature

Camp Age:

  • 11 and up

2018 Camp Sessions

  • Science/Nature, Multiple Types
    11 and up

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